To the Mapuche nation, to the Chilean and international society: the resistance of Pilmaiquen communities report the following:

1 .- After the massive march on Friday June 24th, the Lof – Che in resistance and defense of the territory of the Pilmaiquen river and sacred Huilliche-Mapuche sites, reaffirm our unwavering decision to not allow any intervention by the Pilmaiquen SA company against religious and ceremonial site known as the dwelling of “Ngen Mapu Kintuante”. We make it clear that we will not negotiate under any form of pressure.

2 .- We assume as communities in resistance that we the Mapuche havent created this conflict, but it is the Pilmaiquen SA company protected by the Chilean state institutions who have come to agress us in our territory, to plunder our natural resources and destroy our ancient sacred spaces, that is what is called “state terrorism”. Us Huilliche assume the struggle of our Mapuche Nation’s historical resistance against invasion, death and dispossession.

3 .- We declare our resistance as a struggle for life and for all humanity, that as Mapuche we defend the right to water; vital and indispensable resource for future generations, that man can enjoy and preserve this resource in harmony with the environment and not destroy the rivers and their surrounding, which thus is accelerating global warming and increasing natural disasters as a result of the greed of a few powerful in the unconscious exploitation against nature.

4 .- We strongly call upon our Mapuche brothers and sisters to continue joining the resistance of Pilmaiquen and to the conscious of the Chilean people to create support networks to defend the territory, water and life as “a people that oppresses another people can not be free “…

In defense of Ngen Mapu Kintuante

For the defense and reconstruction of the Mapuche territory

No to the Hydroelectric Plants on Pilmaiquen River

Ten Times We Shall Overcome!!!



translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

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