The daily uncertainty and the threat of a possible revenge of power against our bodies vanish when reading the words of anti-authoritarian solidarity that are now captive in the dungeons of the Greek state. Words who under no point of view whatsoever encounter themselves subjected, rebels against the jailers and all forms of authority, words that are transgressive action against oppression.

As has been stated repeatedly, solidarity is not just words written between anarchists and you have demonstrated it concretely, understanding that the struggle for freedom is universal, practicing and supporting the international revolt steadily, making the enemy see that our dignity is real and represents a permanent threat to this world and those who try to perpetuate it. Anti-prison struggle in and outside prisons is the same whether in Chile, Greece, Indonesia or Mexico. The enemy and its principles are common so it is necessary to share experiences of offensive resistance to enable us to advance in the construction of new adversarial relationships to power, thus creating a fraternal greeting to the FAI / IRF as a body that promotes the anti-authoritarian thought and practice and, permitting us to recognize our brothers throughout the world without ever having seen the face.

Having spent 9 months behind bars my energy stays in solidarity with the prisoners, knowing that I risk years in prison in high-security measures only increases my contempt for these death centers and their guardians, the only alternative for these places is their utter destruction and therefore there must be non-stop work, always forward.

All the strength and drive to the prisoners from the CCF, your attitude fills all anarchists and anti-authoritarians with pride and as you say it is very likely that someday we will find ourselves anyplace in the world to share and practice experiences.

Another Accused in the Bombs Case
In pending Political Trial

translated by sabotagemedia
original in spanish

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