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The Autonomous Mapuche Temucuicui, with new and violent intervention by the Chilean state’s repressive forces in Temucuicui Territory, report to local, national and international public opinion the following:

1. Today around 06:30 am, a huge contingent of police, heavily armed entered the territory of Temucuicui, firing indiscriminately to all who ran not knowing what was happening and why they were entering the community.

2. Police ruthlessly entered several houses destroying everything in their path, throwing tear gas no matter that children were sleeping inside. Among the houses raided is the family of the Werken of the Temucuicui Traditional Community, Mijael Carbone Queipu. We also sympathize with the families raided by the police procedure.

3. Our Community categorically rejects this new incursion of the police which is an attempt against the lives of all who live in the territory of Temucuicui.

4. We strongly tell the Chilean state, that we will not allow them to continue their repressive policy toward the Mapuche people. The Mapuche communities have the full right to defend ourselves by any means from these attacks which are committed in our own territory, thus before other interventions the communities will react in the same way as the police have been operating, in order to protect the lives of children, women and elderly of the Temucuicui territory.

Temucuicui Autonomous Community
Saturday November 26

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