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The Órganos de Resistencia Lafkenche [Lafkenche Bodies of Resistance] declare to the Mapuche people and to the national and international public opinion the following:

KINE: The morning of January 1rst a Volterra forestry collection center (a truck, a loading machine, and a booth) was attacked and destroyed by our weichafe [1]. This sector is located in the Peleco sector on the way to Paicavi.

EPU: The action is part of the commemoration of the cowardly assassination of our weichafe Matias Catrileo Matias Quezada, militant weichafe of our organization, committed to the process of Mapuche national liberation, and who we are sure, will continue by our side in the struggle against our capitalist enemies.

QUILA: We reaffirm our commitment to the resistance against forestry, mining and energy companies, landowners, and transnational corporations, in our territory, against whom we will not stop attacking while they occupy the Wallmapu.

MELI: We send a callout, to the conscientious communities, peñi and lamgen [2] to protest and strike our enemies, in this, the fourth commemoration of the assassination of Matias.

KECHU: We demand the immediate release of our weichafe prisoners in the chilean jails.


With our heroes Leftraru, Pelantaru, Catrileo, Collio, Lemun and others we go forward into the Mapuche National liberation process.

WEUWAIÑ!!!! [3]


note from translator:
[1] Mapuche warrior
[2] brother/sister, peñi said by man, lamgen said by woman
[3] the struggle continues

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