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Early on Monday, January 30, several acts of sabotage were carried out on the railway line linking different cities in Galicia. The sabotage took place in the context of the week of decentralized actions called in solidarity with prisoners who are mobilizing against torture and abuse in prisons throughout Spain via fasts, “sit-ins,” and other acts of disobedience. This has already resulted in numerous reprisals, such as solitary confinement, reductions in official status, the confiscation and censorship of mail, and other measures by which the murderers and torturers paid by Penitentiary Institutions try to muzzle the voices of those who haven’t resigned themselves to die in the loneliness and silence of their damned cages.

The communiqués:

In the early hours of Monday, January 30, people showing solidarity with prisoners in struggle blocked the Vigo-Santiago-Coruña and Vigo-Ourense-Monforte railway lines.

The sabotage involved the use of copper wire to connect the two rails, causing a minor short circuit that prevented signals from warning of potential danger on the tracks. As far as we know, there were 30-minute delays.

On the 1st and 15th of every month, our prisoner comrades carry out actions condemning the situation of impunity to which they are submitted.

Against torture and abuse, for the destruction of prisons and capitalist society.


What did you think? That your arrogance, authority, and beatings would go unpunished?

We have declared war on the State. On the inside as well as on the outside, this is a struggle for dignity, against the submission of a miserable, servile life. Because there will be no aggression without response.

On January 30, we obstructed several points on the Vigo-Compostela-Coruña railway line (RENFE* is the State) through various acts of sabotage (like before, with barricades of burning tires).

May the riots return, for rebellion and revolt.


*Spanish National Railway Network

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