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We echo the latest news in reference to the comrade Luciano Pitronello; the comrade left the prison of Santiago 1 today in the evening and moved to his mother’s house where he is serving the house arrest that was dictated in the hearing that was held today (February 13) at around 3 PM. On leaving the prison, Luciano and his mother were accosted by the bourgeois press; the harassment continued the whole way until arriving at the parking lot of the home.

The house arrest was dictated after Luciano’s defense petitioned it so that the comrade could keep up his medical treatment, and because the 75-day period of “preventive prison” that was ordered on November 22, 2011 had ended. Despite the good news, it must be taken with caution, since the Prosecution might appeal the decision of house arrest due to the–according to them–”permanent possibility of escape that exists.”

Tortuga will have a constant police surveillance, with four controls in the mornings and four at night, with the decision of what hours the controls of the comrade are made remaining at the disposition of the lackeys.

We salute the comrade with a strong embrace, from whom at this time the dirty and servile clutches of the submissive jailers of the torturous institution called “Gendarmeria” have been removed.

Strength, Tortuga, and another step forward!

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