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We claim the arson of an ATM of National Bank of Bolivia, again in the area of Miraflores, in the early hours of Thursday 26th.

This bank belongs to one of the many institutions that finance the destruction of the earth, which we are part of.

We reject the government ideology and some anti-globalization NGO’s that the “environmental problem” is solved by building roads outside of “protected areas”, discarding toxic waste in accumulation pools and not in the rivers, alleging that minimum considerations would have less impact on the much advocated “Pachamama”.

We don’t give a shit about sustainable development, more so if this discourse is brandished by idiots disguised as guardians of the planet, while raping the earth with their mining projects in the east, in the salt mines of the Altiplano, drying and flooding thousands of square kilometers with their hydroelectric plants on the Brazil border.

Both sustainable development and green capitalism are an obvious attempt to strengthen power, showing itself concerned about the causes of certain moderate reformist groups. Thus, giving into some insignificant modifications in their projects of devastation, calming the minds of legalistic environmentalists and “citizens concerned for the future of their children”.

We do not believe the fairytale and have decided to position ourselves in direct confrontation, and not in half-measures, against all forms of domination, taking up arms against the overwhelming urbanization.

Action in solidarity.
Warm greetings dissipates with the smoke of this action, through swift and strong plateaus, valleys, forests and seas longing to reach everyone who, in the cages of the system, remains in constant war.

We raise a fist with imprisoned comrades on hunger strike in Greece. Strenght comrades Christos Tsakalos and Damianos Bolano!

Strenght to all Anarchist prisoners of the social war in Chile!
Love to comrades Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Unas Noctilucas descarriadas [Some Stray Noctilucae]

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