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22:00 – News arrives from Concepción of a count of 30 youth arrested by the clashes that have happened in southern Chile.

21:45 – The focal points multiply and the clashes begin motivated by the arrival of carabineros trying to clear the streets.

21:30 – The commemorative activity where the Vergara Toledo brothers’ parents participate counts 500 participants in the beginning of the march with torches results in the first clashes, according to the press there have been gunshots in the area of Villa Francia.

20:45 – The first barricades are set on fire in Villa Francia and a pair of other neighborhoods in Santiago and in various points in Chile.

20:00 – In Villa Francia, the commemorative event begins for the Vergara Toledo brothers, many people attend this event.

During the afternoon the special forces of carabineros were mobilized for various bomb threats with a total of four incidents up to now, including a threat to the Torre Titanium in the wealthy area of Vitacura in the center of Santiago, also a few minutes ago GOPE made a box of shoes detonate which had water inside it left outside a Santander Bank.

12:30 – the area has returned to boring calm

11:51 – reports that Chilean police are filling empty bottles with a liquid that could be flammable in order to place guilt on the youth who had been arrested, a total of 70 youth are being transported in police vehicles
Día del Joven Combatiente: Encapuchados generan disturbios en frontis de la USACh

11:48 – At this time there are clashes in the University of Santiago Chile, groups of youth against the police, it is reported that the latter entered the university where already at 10 AM there were more than 100 youth and the combat began. There are more youth in the outskirts of the university showing their support to those who are resisting inside.

2:30 – The first hours of this March 29th marked different focal points of clashes between police and residents, in which the latter again took the street not only to remember those fallen in combat but also for all the rage they carry inside themselves and to show their disgust for authority visualized in the deployment of armored vehicles and police special forces, some of the places where there was fighting this morning were Villa Francia, Los Morros, La Pincoya, Quilicura and others; There are three arrested and the first tanks were seen in Los Morros neighborhood of San Bernardo.

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