On the morning of May 10th, smoke bombs in three subway stations crippled the entire network for over two and a half hours during rush hour.

Montreal police called for denouncement and the media, notably la Presse, showed pictures of four people taken by rat citizens and also gave their identities and information.

The next morning the cops raided an apartment in the Hochelaga neighborhood. Later, four people delivered themselves to the police. The three women and one man were arrested and remain detained. They appeared Saturday in court via video conference.

They are accused of “inciting fear of terrorist activity”, of conspiracy and mischief over $5000.
They appeared once again Monday May 14th, before an ovation from the people in the courtroom. They will be held hostage by the State at least until May 23rd.

Note that a gathering in support was held outside during the court appearance and that the media who were on site were confronted and denounced for the pieces of shit they are.

Terrorism charges when no life has been endangered, coming from those whose armed wing aim people’s heads with plastic bullets and shock grenades, leaving people hospitalized with eyes in less, brain contusions, skull fractures, etc.. etc … add to that a municipal rule draft that seeks to outlaw any protest that does not give its route in advance, thus conveniently outlawing any spontaneous or improvised demonstration, which is not directed, organized and supervised by a group that will collaborate with the cops, coupled with an anti-mask rule in a city that has fucking cameras everywhere, which has a political police squad dedicated to profiling “anarchists” and “marginals” and where we’re being filmed and getting pictures taken by cops, helicopters, “journalists” and the intelligence agencies, not to mention facebook… and finally media that would make Joseph Goebbels proud…

Those who do not bury their heads at the bottom of their own ass can see that what lies behind the thinning veil of democracy is totalitarianism, and as in all totalitarian States, who like this one have applied the same measures to crush dissent, they will succeed in nothing more than amplifying and radicalizing the revolt.

Active solidarity with the hostages of the State!

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