We learn through their media that a comrade was sentenced in Saint-Jérôme by judge Valmont Beaulieu to seven months of jail for charges related to the G20 in Toronto in 2010.

Charles Bicari has been sentenced after pleading guilty to charges of mischief, theft, wearing a mask with intent, public nuisance and endangering public safety for having smashed the windows of two police cars, two stores and an ATM with a hammer.

some declarations from the juge taken from their Press:

“The courts must exercise wisdom and foresight. They do not have to wait until people die or are injured or that furniture or buildings are destroyed to denounce the unacceptable violence of non peaceful demonstrators”

“These crimes of this nature can not be treated as if they were commonplace incivilities, simple public disturbances, lack of control due to the spontaneous actions of others, or an exaggerated response to expose a social injustice … No court needs expert testimony to understand that rioters call for the police to intervene in large numbers, the cost being paid once again by workers. Because of delinquents, the image of our democracy and the country is distorted… “

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