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As of today, January 17th 2012 Alex Hundert has been held for 6 days in segregation (the hole). He is facing institutional charges (which are different from criminal charges, but can prolong his sentence and assign punitive time in the hole) stemming from a refusal of lock down to protest general degrading of conditions in the jail.

The lock down refusal took place on Saturday January 12th, around 4 units participated and their demands were to reclaim 30 minutes at the end of the day (lockup at 7 instead of 6:30) so people could have more time to use the phones to call their families when the rates are significantly cheaper. That is also when relatives and friends are home from work and can take calls. At 6:50pm, after a 20 minute stand-off, fifty to sixty guards stormed the range and forced everyone into their cells. One guy was tackled, assaulted and dragged off the range in cuffs.

Alex was charged and taken to the hole. According to policy a prisoner at the Central North Correctional Complex can be held for up to 10 days before a hearing or questioning. Alex is in fine spirits and is feeling strong.

Write to Alex to keep his spirits up:

Alex Hundert
c/o C.N.C.C.
1501 Fuller Ave.
Penetanguishene, Ontario
L9M 2H4 Canada

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