It has come to be expected, in Montreal the March 15 demo against police brutality – for many; against the police – systematically faces higher repression than any other demo throughout the year, and this year the bar was set high.

The cops had spent the previous days giving press conferences, visiting downtown businesses, handing out flyers and giving guidelines for the upcoming demo.

Hours before the demo was to start, the whole downtown area was swarming with cops of all sorts. Two people were arrested during the afternoon on warrants. As the day went by, cops started to check some peoples bags on the street and in the metro and then started arresting people at the gathering point for carrying sticks (flags) or covering their faces (and it was actually a very cold day). Several banners and signs were confiscated. Lines of cops blocked streets around the gathering area, making it difficult for people to make it there. As tension rose, a scuffle broke out between the crowd and the cops, and one of the bastards apparently got his teeth knocked out. The pigs broke out the usual loudspeaker “this is an illegal demonstration blablabla”, as soon as the several hundreds of people that had gathered set foot onto the street, the riotcops and cavalry started dispersal maneuvers, batons and stun grenades followed. The crowd broke into several parts (one group being pushed right into the arms of provincial riotcops who stormed out of a building), marching in several directions and people started getting kettled for mass arrests and some windows got smashed.

For the rest of the evening cops randomly beat people, barked dispersal orders to any group of two walking on the sidewalk and pointed CS canister guns at peoples faces.

According to the police, a total of 297 people were arrested, 22 for various criminal offenses like obstructing a police officer, assault on a police officer and possession of incendiary material, most of the others were cuffed and stuffed in buses and sent off to police stations were they spent hours being filmed to then receive 640$ fines.

It has been mentioned by the mainstream media that of the 22 arrested for criminal offenses, six appeared in court through video the next day. The status of the arrested is unknown but apparently several have been released under varying conditions.

If the State and its dogs are trying to send a message of who’s boss on the streets, demos are far from being the only moment for unleashing rage upon this sick society.

Solidarity with all the arrested and all those who strike back!
Warm embraces to all the Oakland and Portland rebels!


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