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On July 12, 2013, compañero Hans Niemeyer was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for “transport of an explosive device,” under the Arms and Explosives Control Law, and to 10 months of prison for the crime of “damages,” all of this in the framework of the BCI Bank bombing in November 2011. Discounting the time he has already spent in prison, the total sentence would be approximately 4 years and 6 months.

The Judicial Power, in spite of rejecting the application of the Anti-terrorist Law in the case, did not want to let the opportunity pass to imprison those who oppose and question the ruling order, under whatever law… The judges could not avoid the temptation to get even for the compañero’s clandestinity and for his attitude while confronting the process.

Inside of the hearing, when the prison guards’ TAR group (High Risk Transfers) approached the compañero, there were shouts such as “Strength, Hans! Down with the police State! Let’s go, Hans, strength! Stand strong, brother!” to which the compañero responded with a salute. Meanwhile, outside of the Justice Center there was a rally in solidarity with the compañero, throwing leaflets and unfurling banners.

Presently compañero Hans is in the Maximum Security Module of the High Security Prison. We do not know if he will be transferred or if there will be any change in his situation in prison. As always, the call is to be attentive.

The defense commented that they will appeal the sentence, while the Prosecution will also study whether or not to appeal the verdict, seeking the application of the Anti-terrorist Law.

Indomitable strength to Hans and his family!
May no revolutionary be alone, not now, not ever: Active solidarity!

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