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Yesterday February 17, marked the end of the 40 days of arraigo* decreed by the Attorney General of the Republic against our compañerxs Carlos López, Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson.

During these forty days they tried to put together a case for Terrorism and Organized Crime against them, however, and despite intimidating and inquisitorial methods, they were unable to mount their case, so that at the end of the arraigo our compañerxs were released for lack of evidence. The Local Police of the Federal District has since detained them on charges of damages and attacks to public peace.

Amelie and Fallon are now in the women’s prison Reclusorio Femenil de Santa Martha and were visited by their lawyers, while Carlos called and said he is in Reclusorio Oriente, however it wont be until tomorrow that he can receive visitors.

Since the charges they are facing aren’t for major crimes, it is possible for them to reach bail, although we should remember that Mario González facing the same situation has had bail refused systematically, arguing that he is a danger for society.

Let’s continue solidarity with our sisters and brothers kidnapped by the State!

Freedom for Carlos, Amelie and Fallon!

Freedom for Mario, Salvador and Fernando!

Freedom for all!

Down with the prison walls!

*arbitrary preventive detention in the Mexican justice system

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