The Okland Commune

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Jan 262012

On October 10th 2011, hundreds of people in downtown Oakland occupied Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of city hall. They built a self-organized tent city and began to meet some of the community’s most urgent needs. They renamed the plaza Oscar Grant Plaza in honor of a young African-American man who was shot and killed by BART Police in 2009. Although the action was partially inspired by Occupy Wall Street and austerity protests throughout the world, Occupy Oakland’s particular character resulted from years of struggle and repression in the Bay Area. This short documentary details the ongoing story of the Oakland Commune.

It was produced by Marianne Maeckelbergh and Brandon Jourdan with footage from Caitlin Manning, David Martinez, John Hamilton, and tons of archival footage.

NOTE: The text at the end should read January 2012.

also now streaming on sabotageTV

No airplanes! No evictions!

Today at the Nantes Atlantic airport several hundred activists opposed to the construction of an airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes occupied the terminals in a festive fashion. The protesters are against the project to construct a second airport in the Nantes region.
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Jul 092011

The ZAD, July 9, 2011,

We are a hundred, we just occupied the land in order to make a autonomous village, to overcome the fight against g8 we gathered together to start to build up a concrete moment of alternatives and struggles.
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ON THE OCCASION OF THE G8 and G20 events, in France
CALL FOR CONVERGENCE of anti-capitalist struggles AT A self-managed VILLAGE
from July 9th 2011 UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (authoritarian at least!)

The harmfulness of capitalism is well established. After decades of policy analysis and endless debates we know how its effects are severe, regarding to the peoples as well as their environment. The economic and political ‘elites’ have managed to establish and maintain a system for their own interests. The machine is well-oiled. the stronger it gets, the more we feel the rage and the need to rebel against this world that does not match anymore.

Our struggle against capitalism did not start yesterday. Beyond the local and individual actions, this struggle has often taken the form of numerous international gatherings and camps against the G8 and G20.

In parallel with these anti-summits, the practice of thematic camps has developed throughout Europe : No Border camps, the Climate Camp and now the Camps of resistance (camps de la resistance, lyon, toulouse..)
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