from CNA México
translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

edit 3/2/14: revised and corrected

A big hug to all comrades!

I was very pleased to learn of the gestures of support from outside towards us three anarchist prisoners. We remain firm and strong despite the silly accusations made against us, and intimidating comments (here, they tell us that we’ll spend much time in prison) wanting to break our identity. They aren’t successful, because we are strong and have conviction.
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from Contra Info

The legal team has informed us that comrade Mario López was set free on bail, after being detained since January 20th, accused of having violated the federal law of guns and explosives with the aim of fabricating explosives.

We are more than happy with this news; nevertheless, it’s becoming clear to us that the witch-hunt against anarchists is continuing: detentions, deportations, threats, judicial setups, etc. Mario’s detention makes part of this terrorist strategy implemented by the State.

We have no more information on the case for the moment.

Down with prison walls!
Freedom for all!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

from anarchistnews

Late at night on Friday the 17th we crept up to a police substation and attacked several police cars with rocks in solidarity with anarchist comrades arrested in Mexico. Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pelletier and Carlos López Mart were arrested on January 5th under suspician of a Molotov attack on the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and a Nissan dealership in Mexico City, and are currently being held without bail. Neither innocent nor guilty, we extend our solidarity to them.

We also act in solidarity with the prisoners in Westville Correctional Facility refusing disgusting bland worthless sack lunches and demanding better food and conditions. Fuck IDOC, fuck Aramark.

Solidarity with all comrades in prison or facing repression!

Fuck cops, here and there!

Prisoners to the streets!

Ni culpables ni inocentes, solo consecuentes!

Presxs a la calle!

5E solidarity poster

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Jan 212014

from fuego a las carceles
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from Contra Info

Today, January 20th, 2014, comrade Mario López was arrested upon his weekly appearance in court for giving his signature as part of the conditions imposed for his conditional release. Primarily, he was informed that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic required his detention by order of presentation, to ask him questions in relation to an ongoing investigation. After the interrogation, he was notified that he would be sent to custody following an arrest warrant for violation of the federal law of firearms and explosives, concerning the events of June 27th, 2012. He was transferred to the Reclusorio Oriente, Eastern Penitentiary of the Mexico City. We have no further information as of yet.

Mario’s arrest occurred in the context of an anti-anarchist hunt unleashed by the Mexican government. No doubt, now that they have arrested the comrade, they will try to press more charges against him. Persecution against anarchism continues; this is why it is more important than ever to strengthen solidarity.

Freedom for Mario López!
Freedom for all anarchist prisoners!
Neither guilty nor innocent; solidarity!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

from anarchistnews

On the 9th of January, we answered a call for solidarity with stolen anarchist comrades in Mexico City, Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pelletier and Carlos López Mart. We crept up to a HSBC bank on East Hastings, in occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC), and lit an incendiary device in the ATM area causing a massive fire ball. HSBC is a symbol of capitalism, oppression and domination. So it’s a perfect target for our rage.

This also comes in a time where Canada’s justice minister Peter Mackay is warning activists to not commit illegal actions toward stopping the pipelines. Mackay you can shove your warnings up your fucking ass. The state’s and corporations dreams of massive resource extraction will go up in flames of revolt from the streets to late night sabotage and destruction. The need for freedom, anarchy and liberation will destroy this colonial state. Our acts of sabotage are uncontrollable, strategic and successful. This attack on HSBC is only the beginning of sabotage the will and is occurring. We are also in solidarity with Miq’maq warriors and other protesters still facing charges and harassment by the RCMP pigs and the Canadian state from anti-fracking protests in Elsipogtog.


from fuego a las carceles
update translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

So far we’ve received a call from our comrade Carlos informing us of the PGR’s decision to impose a 40 day arraigo* to the three. We understand that this is a desperate measure from the PGR* to retain the comrades so they can search for more elements for their conviction. But it is also clear that they want to continue interrogating them, make them sign statements of involvement, torture them, for information and to involve more comrades. Otherwise it is also the way to persuade family to abandon the legal defense of the comrades, because the government’s interest to have a official or common lawyer so they can screw them instead of a legal and political defense. The PGR doesn’t have those elements but are looking for them.
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from fuego a las carceles translation partly via mediacoop montreal

Yesterday, 5th of January, at approximately 10 pm, two groups of people dressed in black attacked the buildings belonging to the offices of Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and a Nissan dealership with rocks and Molotov cocktails causing damage to buildings and several vehicles.
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from Contra Info

Here we are again, surrounded by these concrete walls and bars, among cameras and jailers. Here we are again, without bowing our heads, and proud of what we are. Proud to be part of the unpredictable gale that seeks to do away with any hint of Power, whose mask is once again removed and can be seen as what it really is, in its brutality and, why not, in its debility, too. In this particular case the collaboration between the Chilean State and the Spanish one in order to achieve our incarceration, shows how they can be coordinated to deal with what they perceive as a threat, but the importance that these gentlemen of Power have attached to us does not reflect anything other than their fragility. Their inconsistent discourses of security are just the mantle which hides their fear of knowing that a happenstance could trigger widespread disorder. Their blows and gags do nothing but give us strength to sharpen our ideas and our lives and qualify ourselves to be in permanent confrontation.

With a strong hug, we salute all expressions of support; they are a thrust that weakens the prison bars. We understand solidarity as in constantly putting our anarchist ideas into practice, in all of their forms, which make the enemy understand that nothing ends here, that everything continues in prison or on the street. From wherever we may be: not a minute of silence, and a life of combat. We particularly greet the immense display of solidarity from comrades who have used their own body as a weapon carrying out a hunger strike [reference to Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Juan Aliste, Hans Niemeyer and Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo, prisoners in Chile, who went on symbolic hunger strike during the international solidarity week].

We salute those who continue to weave complicities, those who venture into the unknown, those who are motivated by uncertainty, those who insist for anarchy. Our respect and affection goes out to them.

We received with great sadness news of the death of Sebastián, yet at the same we are filled with joy, knowing that his life was consistent with his ideals: a full warrior. We’d love to be with the comrades who mourn our fallen, but we can only send a lot of strength and a “we’ll be seeing you soon” from here.

Mónica Caballero
Francisco Solar

from Contra Info

To all the ungovernable in the world
To all solidarity organizations
To free media
To the people in general

I have maintained a hunger strike for 51 days, and first I want to thank all those who have shown solidarity in various different ways with the struggle for my freedom. Today, from my isolated room in the Tepepan hospital, I can listen to them shouting slogans for my freedom. Their presence is feeding me and filling me with strength.

On the 26th of November, the judge re-suspended my hearing; it’s obvious that she does not care about my health, and only wants to keep me locked up (although she has no evidence to do so) and let me die here, but that will not be so easy, because all our efforts cannot pass unnoticed, and whether they like it or not, sooner or later we will achieve my release.

The poor minds of officials and politicians cannot even believe that we give our lives for a dream; they think they’re gods supported by their law that restrains our freedom; they want to punish the incorruptible, the incorrigible who will never accept their game, or their rules, or their crumbs.

I am confident that we will soon see each other on the streets; I know I’ll get out of here.

“The revolt continues; there is no turning back from this path!”

Mario González
November 28th, 2013

from 325

November 14th, 2013

Another issue of the international anti-prisons anarchist newsletter. Download and distribute as you like…

Dark Nights #38

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from Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Today, Wednesday November 13th at 3 AM in the mourning, 5 people of various nationalities including Valeria Giacomoni (34 years old), Monica Caballero (25 years old) and Francisco Solar (34 years). There are another two men of Chilean and Argentinean nationality; however the police have yet to release their names.
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Nov 132013

from 325

October 25th, 2013

In Italy, on 30th October, our two brothers, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, are going on trial, accused for the gunshots against a high-profile business executive of a nuclear company. The attack was claimed by the Olga cell-FAI/IRF.
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from Contra Info
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from anarchistnews

Recently, we paid a visit to the parking lot of the Ministry of Public Security of Quebec at 600 Fullum, and doused their official vehicles with paint stripper and slashed the tires.

The Ministry of Public Security of Quebec is responsible for, among other things, overseeing the municipal and provincial police and provincial prisons. Ultimately, it is the ministry that is responsible for all aspects of the conditions of imprisonment in Quebec – from the conduct of the police to the items available in canteen.

As we write this, there are two ongoing shows of resistance to the prison system in Canada. One is a hunger strike undertaken by detained immigrants in Ontario who are not accused of any crime, but are detained awaiting deportation proceedings. Their demands include better treatment and an end to detention of immigrants without criminal charges. The hunger strike is now in its fifth week.

The second is a work strike in many federal prisons across the country to protest the recent 30% pay cut for all federal prisoners. The government justifies the pay cut by claiming they are taking room and board from the prisoners. Not only do prisoners already have to work to maintain their own prisons but they will now have to pay to be imprisoned. This pay cut is part of a broader trend in which prisoners face worsening conditions – from longer sentences, stricter parole, double-bunking, and fewer programs in prison.

Solidarity to prisoners in struggle; for an end to all prisons and police.
And to Youri and Guillaume, G20 prisoners, in Bordeaux provincial prison in Montreal.

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