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The Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco Malleco communicates to the Mapuche People Nation, to the families of the young workers who died and to the general public the following:

1 – That facing the accusations issued by persons belonging to the current government and right-wing parliamentary we state, emphatically, that the CAM has no ties to the events of the Fundo Casa de Piedra in Carahue.

2 – That, however, we claim that property as ancestral Mapuche territory usurped by the forestry companies, which is why we cast responsibility onto them as the only causing this tragedy, with their insistence on continuing to exploit and prey on the Wallmapuche, at any price, even at the expense of the lives of people, as demonstrated in this event.

3 – We deeply regret the death of poor people, of young workers victims, also, the economic system; they worked in deplorable conditions, with miserable wages, without the most minimal security measures and were sent to the front to defend economic interests of one of the richest families in Chile.

4 – We denounce that the media frame up obeys a political strategy that seeks to justify to the public opinion, the application of the Antiterrorism Law on Mapuche communities in conflict, on the Mapuche autonomous movement and in particular the CAM.

5 – Along with the above we warn that this strategy seeks to consolidate the Antiterrorism Law as a valid tool to also confront the student and social movements in Chile, in anticipation of a year that looms with larger mobilizations and struggles.

Hector Llaitul Carrillanca
Political Spokesperson – CAM
Angol Prison, January 9th, 2012

The Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco Malleco (CAM) informs our Mapuche People Nation and the general public of the following:

That given the current media campaign against our organization that can lead to a new repressive offensive against our militants, we state that the only authorized spokesperson lays, right now, in Hector Llaitul Carrillanca, Mapuche political prisoner, as Political Spokesperson of the CAM.

Wallmapu, January 9, 2012

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