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This morning police special forces entered the XAPILWE community firing teargas and rubber bullets to the houses. The comuneros were working in their gardens, when they noticed the strong contingent of militarized police, without exhibiting any warrant, stormed the houses, breaking doors, furniture and objects, with no explanation of the reason for their violent actions, simply searching everything, surely “looking for” evidence incriminating the youth in the area. THEY WERE ABLE TO SEARCH THREE HOUSES, until the community weichafe [Mapuche warriors] noticing the attack, came together to deal with the repression, producing heavy clashes for about half an hour, until they succeeded in expelling the repressive forces.

At this time we do not know if they will return with reinforcements, to attack again Mapuche families once again, for the mere fact of defending their rights.

We have information that in the MAWIZACHE community have also been seen police prowling the area, so we fear a raid, but weichafe have already reunited and have indicated that they will not allow any attack on their families and will resist in every way the forces of occupation of this oppressive state.

We declare as communities of MAWIZACHE and XAPILWE that these terrorist attacks of the $hilean state against our people are directed to intimidate us to keep us from continuing the dignified struggle for our rights and to stop our resistance against the airport in our territory.

They are trying to fabricate evidence for their set ups and thus criminalizing our justified struggle, are beginning a persecution of our leaders and youth who are engaged in the struggle to rebuild our Mapuche people nation, and who demand the rights we are denied from this invader state.


Forrowe Mapu, 25/01/2012, Wallmapu.

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