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It’s been 4 years since we heard the shocking call by weichafe [Mapuche warrior] defending the body of comrade Matías, after being gunned down by a bastard. Matías and his compañeros were recovering ancestral land usurped by the anti-Mapuche Luchsinger family landlords.

Matías a young libertarian moved to Araucanía in search of his origins and called by his deep respect for nature, decided to take part in the direct struggle for self-determination and autonomy of the Mapuche people, at war with the $hilean state.

Power defends its minions and nobody should be surprised by the null or soft sentences that these worthless pieces of meat in uniform receive. No deaths at the hands of the police are an accident, all are a clear example of state terrorism. With events like those of Matías, Alex, Jaime, Claudia and Jonny, Power seeks to annihilate the enemy within, that is the job of law enforcement, with this they send a clear message to those attempting to subvert the existent, “only imprisonment or death awaits you”. Under the same logic, Power drops the whole weight of law against those who despise and attack authority. There is no justice, there is only self-defense.

Only those who are forgotten die. Active and combative memory is a tool so that the ideas and practices of fallen comrades are still present in the struggle. Without making martyrs of them we recognize their individuality and beliefs as comrades in this diffuse and joint struggle to take back our lives. We do not see Matías as a victim, because victims are those who die in passivity, however Matías (like many Mapuche) represented a threat to Power, a youth determined and indomitable who at 22 years old made of his life an eternal combat. He lived and died like a warrior, a true weichafe.

It is in the context of the commemoration of the 4 years since he was assassinated, where there are separate and distinct expressions in memory of the comrade, marking the beginning of the year and making so that the physical absence of Matías does not go unnoticed.

This is how after the march on Wednesday there were clashes with police and attacks on various symbols of power. In the riots two youths were arrested and charged with burning a police motorcycle and a public transportation bus. The next day one being formalized under house arrest and another in preventive detention in the Santiago Uno prison. Our greetings and support to these new subjects of reprisals from the street struggle, especially Sebastián Fajardo for his proud attitude which makes our warrior spirit soar.

Freedom to the Mapuche Political Prisoners!!
All prisoners of social war to the street!!
Our best tribute is to keep fighting!!

Prisoners of the Street Struggle
Gonzalo Zapata
Elias Zerman
Christopher Franke – Mono

PS: Following the 7 brigadiers who died at the Mininco forestry, the state invokes the dire Antirrorist Law, which is a clear example that the lives of these people mean nothing to it and just wants to take this opportunity to extend its repressive message, pointing responsibility towards the Mapuche communities in resistance, accusing them of being terrorists. If there anyone is responsible for the deaths of these people it is the Mininco forestry company sending young people with little experience to fight fires. The only terrorist is the state.

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