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Saturday, February 25 in Montreal, a group of 40 people or so took the streets of Hochelaga in response to the murder of Jean-François Nadreau on February 16 by the SPVM adding to a long list that keeps growing of people killed by the humanoid garbage that patrol our streets.

The demo, which lasted about an hour, left Place Valois with anti-prison and anti-cop banners and headed to station 23 where the assassin of Jean-François Nadreau is based. After stopping there for a while we moved to Maisonneuve Market, passing out leaflets to finish heading back at Place Valois by Ontario Street.

Throughout the demo we yelled “Montreal Police, capitalist militia!”, “Cops, Pigs, Murderers!”, “Police, serving the rich and the fascists!”… People in the neighborhood responded by cheering and sharing their rage with us by yelling out their hatred of cops.

We will never forget, we will never forgive!
Lets chase the cops off our streets, from our minds and our lives!
Solidarity is our best weapon!

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