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The State is still keeping seven NO TAV resistance fighters hostages in its jails:

Alessio Del Sordo – C.C. via Pianezza 300 – 10151 Turin – Italy
Maurizio Ferrari – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Marcelo Damian Jara Marin – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Niccolò Garufi – Carcere San Vittore Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Giorgio Rossetto – C.R. – loc. Cascina Felicina via Regioni Bronda 19/b – 12037 Saluzzo (CN) – Italy
Luca Cientanni – C.C. corso Vercelli 165 – 10015 Ivrea (To) – Italy
Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez – C.C. – Via Beccaria, 13 – Loc. Spini di Gardolo – 38014 Gardolo – TN – Italy

Also Since Monday morning (26th March) Mambo has been moved to house arrest.

Luca Abbà’s letter from the hospital

Juan’s letter from prison

Alessio’s letter in response to a solidarity statement

translated from Non Fides by sabotagemedia

In Italy, Alessio is a comrade who has been charged after raids on 26 January, after clashes in Val Susa in summer 2011. Still imprisoned in “The Valletta” of Turin. The day after incarceration, two locations in Naples related to social centers (post-Disobbedienti) issued a statement of “solidarity and complicity” with him. After having heard of it inside, Alessio published later a letter in response…

Solidarity with Alessio: immediate release! Freedom for all!

We learned that a comrade of Naples, the SpazioAnarchico 76A, was imprisoned in Turin. We do not know clearly the reasons that led to his incarceration, but we may well see the usual purpose of repression against comrades who always have been involved in struggles against the fascist system, in ecological struggles, struggles against the precariousness and in defense of the territory. We express our militant solidarity with Alessio and all those who are currently struggling with the armed branch of the State.

Solidarity and complicity!

Laboratorio Occupato S.K.A
C.s.o.a Officina 99

Alessios response to the statement of solidarity from Ska & Officina99

With regards to the statement of solidarity from ska and officina 99, I must clarify a few things. Only a few lines, very easy to understand if read carefully, then I’ll never come back on this topic, unless I am forced to by another statement as daunting as this one.

Words, especially texts, always have a weight, so it is important to consider that when addressing other people, especially when they are in prison.

In your statement, you treat me as a comrade who gets involved against this fascist system, in ecological struggles, against precariousness and in defense of the territory.

I remind you that I am an anarchist. I do not get involved in the fight as if it were a Sunday hobby: I seek daily angles of attack and I use them to strike the politocal économical system in place. As an anti-authoritarian, I hate every system of power, whether democratic or fascist, communist or liberal. I fight against the State and capital.

And it is precisely because I consider the state as the watchdog of the owners property that I have repeatedly confronted its armed forces.

This is certainly not due to environmental ambitions that I fought against the opening of new waste disposal [in Naples] or against the construction of the TAV [in Val Susa]. I just brought to these struggles my methods and ideas to confront power. Because I consider solidarity as a weapon, and I know how to use it. In addition, you allow yourself to link my work to struggles against precariousness.

There is nothing more false.

I am for the complete destruction of property, I consider wage labor extortion, whatever form it takes, as a cancer that has reduced individuals into consenting beings who have bent over for a little over 30 years to any employer crap.

This ersatz life in which we exploited struggle daily, is based on the production of goods and services. And responsible for all this are also workers, wether they are precarious or with a permanent contract.

As for defense of the territory, make no mistake.

I intervene in situations of this kind because I am aware that the arrogance of power is manifested everywhere.

Thus it is everywhere that i oppose to it, be it between the walls of a prison or in the street. Everywhere, it is necessary to fight for social conflict that spreads always more, without any mediation with the institutions.

It is especially considering that last sentence that I warmly invite you to not permit yourself anymore, even from afar, to declare yourself my accomplices.

I am complicit with individuals who have no protection during attacks against power, but the putting into practice of their ideas, the respect for one’s word and the lack of political calculations, without any mediation with the state and its institutions.

I would conclude by noting one last thing: when you say you express militant solidarity with all who struggle with the armed branch of the State, have you in mind that there are entire sections in prison filled with snitches, different kinds of garbage and a few fascists?

Think about this: as an anarchist, I am for the total destruction of the entire prison system. I would not even send a snitch to a prison, but I would be careful though to send my solidarity to one.

As I said earlier in this text, the words and written have weight, they should be well weighed.

Alessio del Sordo

Write to him: Alessio Del Sordo
d.c. via pianezza, 300
10151 – Torino

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