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On July 27th, join us in resisting Enbridge and tar sands profiteers! Line 9 is an existing oil pipeline running from Sarnia to Montreal. Enbridge has put in an application to reverse the flow of the pipeline (not currently in use, but previously transporting foreign oil into Canada). Their intention is to move tar sands oil across the country for export. This pipeline was built in 1975 for light crude oil, and will not withstand the higher temperatures and pressures required to transport diluted bitumen (not to mention the corrosive, toxic chemicals needed to make it flow through pipelines). A spill is inevitable. Enbridge has had over 800 spills since 1999.

On July 25th, 2010, a section of Enbridge’s Line 6 in Michigan ruptured, spilling oil into a stream that flows into the Kalamazoo River. Enbridge originally believed that the a blockage in the pipe was responsible for the alarms in their operating systems, so they increased the pressure in the pipe, worsening the spill. On July 26th, 18 hours later, they realized the spill had occurred, after millions of gallons of dilbit had already leaked into creeks, wetlands and the river, poisoning water 56km downstream. This was the largest on-land oil spill in US history.

To commemorate the anniversary of Kalamazoo, we will stand together against the tar sands, Enbridge and Line 9. They are fuelling systems of capitalist exploitation and state violence and we oppose their expansion and continued existence. The tar sands are a death machine, and Line 9 is an attack on indigenous sovereignty, ecological integrity and the health of our communities. Line 9 crosses or runs adjacent to 18 different Indigenous nations. They have not been consulted by Enbridge in any meaningful way.

We are inspired by those blockading and occupying sites along the route of Line 9! Let’s make this a summer Enbridge will never forget. This is a call to action: Organize a demo, drop a banner, head to the streets, use your own context and imagination to explore other possibilities! This is more than an environmental problem. It is an anti-colonial struggle. Use this day to build solidarity and to celebrate our shared survival & resistance.

Fight the tar sands! Fight Enbridge! Fight Line 9! Fight those forces that threaten our integrity, our landbase, our existence!

We want to document this day! If you’re planning on doing an action to commemorate Kalamazoo, try to snap a picture! If it’s not safe to do so, a report back or write-up are just fine. No group names need to be included, if you’re not comfortable doing so. If you want any information about your action to go on our website (, just email us at


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