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With our first and final communication, we are happy to announce that anarchists can finally relegate the divisive doctrine of diversity of tactics to the dustbin of history. This is because we have, through the careful elaboration of revolutionary science, discovered the singular tactic whose consistent application will finally destroy Western civilization and industrial capitalism.

Abandon your black blocs and your blockades! IT’S BANNER DROP TIME!

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Translation: “We remember the black tide on the Kalamazoo River. Enbridge, go fuck yourself! Let’s fuck up capitalism!”

We dropped this silken finery at the Atwater Tunnel in Saint-Henri earlier this morning, July 30, 2013. Sadly, we missed Saturday’s day of action against Enbridge and the reversal of Line 9. We were carefully elaborating too much revolutionary science. :(

Following the logic spelled out here, we think that fully engaging in the struggle to block Enbridge’s plan for Line 9 is important not just from an ethical perspective, but from a strategic perspective. This part isn’t a joke! All out for the fight against ecocide or whatever!

– a cabal of revolutionary scientists

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