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Monday September 9th, at 6 pm
Metro Prefontaine

On the morning of Friday, Sept 6th, the people occupying the lot next to the Moreau lofts were evicted by the Montreal police, acting on the landlord`s request. The lot, also belonging to the same landlord, was squatted to denounce the eviction of the hundred or so people living in the lofts of 2019 Moreau street. The city had ordered the eviction after safety inspectors judged the building to be dangerous for its occupants.

The building has been unsafe for twenty years while the landlord has allowed the situation to deteriorate. But now that the neighborhood is becoming hip and its no longer just poor people living in it, the situation has changed. That`s why the landlord announced that, after the eviction of the renters, he had the intention to renovate the lofts and to put them up for rent, but this time much more expensive. The mayor of the burrow, whose administration had also allowed the lofts to degrade for years at the expense of the safety of the renters, is also in favour of the renovation projects, stipulating that it is part of a plan for developping a healthy “social mix” (ie. bringing in the yuppies).

The landlords, the politicians, and the cops work together to “clean” the neighbourhood and to chase out the undesirables, so that HoMa pleases the new residents. But we won`t let it be. Its time to show that Hochelaga doesn`t give a fuck about the “social mix”, which only benefits those with cash. If the landlord`s aren`t even capable of fixing up housing, well, we don`t need them anyways!

Towards the social strike.
Lets retake Hochelaga!

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