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Certainty is ours!

What surrounds us is suffocating and if one has dignified blood in their veins instead of dirty water one can’t deny this. The democratic regime headed by repugnant Cristina Kirchner, dressed up as progressive and champion of human rights, is beginning to show the other side of the coin. So the appointment of the new minister for security, Alejandro Granados, backed up by drug smuggler Daniel Scioli, only made what many already knew more evident: democracy arrests, tortures, accuses and kills, and in this respects it has nothing to envy to other political regimes.

We agree with Granado, we are at war and it is either them or us… we are not concerned by these declarations. On the contrary we increase the level of the struggle that we carry out against all forms of oppression inflicted on the individual and on free communities. Millions invested in matters of security such as the Biometric Identification System, thousands of surveillance cameras and guards storming the suburbs don’t stop us nor do they distract us.

Inside the dense network weaved by the enemy we believe that justice is a fundamental pillar, an indispensable supporter of the management of the misery. Businessmen and politicians demand and create laws and then lawmen and policemen enforce them with the approval of that part of society that encourages the use of certain measures, or that is simply an accomplice of repression through its revolting indifference.
Today the media talk about the proposals of lowering the age for minors to be prosecuted thus trying to make legal what is already happening: kids are being condemned to confinement, rape, abuse and death in the concentration camps of democracy called prisons. Certainly in the near future we will see judges sentencing thousands of people to years and years of imprisonment. Many of these people, even if they are distant form our values and principles, even if they don’t want or can’t escape consumerist frenzy, al least choose not to offer themselves passively to the whip of the bosses.

In this context, as a contribution to the war we are waging against the established authority, on Monday September 16 at around 2am we attacked the Justice Academy of the Judicial Council of the country in Parana 386, Avenida Corrientes, where brainless, resigned and cowardly citizens wander between bars, theatres, cinemas and brothels, places where tourists take pictures of the obelisk and buy beautiful cards illustrating South American Europe…

Outside the entrance of the target we placed a homemade device made of a plastic bottle filled with a litre and a half of petrol and six 10-cm long sealed little pipes filled with black powder. The ignition mechanism was made of two sticks of incense, which operated as fuse as soon as we lit the flame thus triggering the strip of phosphorous we set all around the bottle. First came the fire and second came the explosion.
The result of the action, silenced by the press, can be seen by anybody who happens to pass by.

We have just explained how our device was made in order to show that there’s no need of sophisticated materials or complex techniques to carry out this kind of attack. Of course perfection and the deepening of one’s knowledge are very important in the fabrication and use of explosive and incendiary devices. But information on how to do it is largely available, your genius can do the rest.

That’s why we are sharing the knowledge on how to fabricate a homemade device. We want to inspire those who oppose the system but don’t do much in practice. Information is available and if one doesn’t do anything it’s because one has decided not do it, full stop.

Making this attack known is part of our action and of our being anarchists. Many daily anarchist actions are not made known for a number of reasons, and any group or individuality can draw their conclusion. As we already said, silence doesn’t mean inaction. But considering our context we think it is necessary to communicate this direct action. Furthermore we believe in quality not in quantity because a frantic series of attacks doesn’t leave space to thinking or to the development of our projects. In this respect we agree with the project of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/FRI). We try to fight paralysis and repetition of clichés and to promote a serious dialogue between those who think it is worth while.

All over the world there are dozens of cells and groups that give shape to the FAI/FRI following the proposal that came from Italy about ten years ago as a response to the insults of the Italian Anarchist Federation. These groups and cells gained further strength thanks to the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.

Beyond a few etymological issues concerning words we find a little bit disputable (federation, front), which is not an important point because as the comrades of the CCF said: ‘we don’t have the slightest affection for words. International communication creates ways and possibilities of struggle that each time require new words to express themselves’, we would like to highlight how rough the approach to what the FAI/FRI should be is. With very few exceptions most interventions didn’t kick-start any debate, as far as we know. Little has been done in the campaigns of attack against the same target in different areas, and unfortunately claims often express bravado and self-referentiality, while the authors don’t seem to pay attention to the signature they use.

Anarchists must never put strategy and caution aside. Power is always a step ahead. Historically the lack of a common signature has never undermined coordination and debate between anarchists from different parts of the world. As for the international Front, we wonder whether we are going towards spectacularization instead of heading to seriousness and strength. This shows the difference between calling things with their names and imagining things. Surely there are groups that coordinate and carry out their particular attacks, but it seems to us that the only aspect they have in common is the acronym FAI/FRI.

We are always careful to these issues, always trying to continue our war, not with fear or remorse but with lucidity and trying to improve… perhaps the fate of anarchists is prison or the graveyard, we don’t know, but we try to avoid this fate as best as we can not because we want to safeguard our lives or search for the easy way but because we are happy with striking, attacking, conspiring, setting fire. We don’t want more martyrs or dead bodies to eat. As some comrades of another tendency, comrades we admire for their courage and strength, said: we want to realize the orgy of our dreams here and now.

At the moment we are not thinking to find agreement. We’ll see what happens out of this declaration based on respect and acknowledgement of those who struggle against the enemy and don’t repose on mere theoretical safety.

We take the opportunity to send our love to the comrades repressed and tortured in Uruguay… they have now been released but are subjected to many restrictions. Active solidarity with Gabriel Pombo da Silva, prisoner in Spain, Marco Camenish in Switzerland, Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito in Italy. Active solidarity with Hans Niemeyer, Alberto Olivares, Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste, prisoners in Chile, with the brothers and sisters in Greece and with all dignified prisoners in Argentina.

Love and strength to Felicity Ryder and Diego Rios, whose situation is difficult beyond imagination. We hope you’ll get these words and know you are not alone.

We salute the clashes in Brasil, Colombia and Mexico!
Conspiracy for revenge doesn’t stop!


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