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A major line of Power was sabotaged. It occurred about a month ago (today is October 3rd 2013), during a pleasant night in the countryside somewhere in eastern Kanada, as all the comfortable slaves were so happily preparing their children to go back to a new level of brainwashing and behavioral social conditioning, with cops now keeping a preying eye upon them at school, so to prepare them for the prison world.

Lifting myself out of despair and isolation from this social daymare, I went on this nightly escapade to perform an act of monkey-wrenching against a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power line, unbolting a bunch of nuts on two out of the four legs of those steel goliaths of technological enslavement that circulate power cross border, with only a large wrench, and a light metal tube to fit on the handle for extra leverage. While I would have greatly enjoyed the company and team work of other insurgents, I neither had the time or energy left to get them into action. But rest assured I did it no matter what, have put a lot of sweat into it, and it wasn’t a big deal at all. So they say, it’s easy to attack. Getting in and out of there is always harder.

I did this for Jerry Koch, for Marie Mason, for Maddy Pfeiffer, as well as for the millions of lesser-known others rotting in the concrete cells of a hardcore bandit capitalism that reigns over the US and the West in general. I want to bring down this fucking system of corporate piggery, and thought that literally bringing down their system’s backbone, one bolt at a time, seems like a favorable tactic.

I did it also out of deep-boiling anger against the neonazi pigs of the RCMP for having arrested and sent several Roma families into detention over the past 1-2 years, all thanks to the citizen-snitches and those fat ugly worms sitting, wanking, lying and slandering from the top of their ivory towers of the State’s police media, those same mass-vomiting hypocrites who praise and actively support police repression. The lengthy US/Canada border, especially through how it is now being locked down by all kinds of surveillance and control, stands as proof of how the State’s despots can go a long way to enforce purely conceptual, schizophrenic borderlines on the “little people”, while preserving all the freedoms for the high capitalist ruling caste, who’ve buying out entire countries through massive loans.

The State agents who maintain social order are all cowards, because from the (perceived) safety of their offices and behind their desks, they defend privileges granted to them simply for being born here; all against people who traveled long distances in harsh conditions and put their lives and liberties at stake so that their children have a chance for a better future.

And against those mass-murderous thugs behind the Blackstone Group. There’s still people out there to resist their nice projects, like the upcoming HVDC power line to pass underneath Lake Champlain, that recently got full benediction from Quebec’s Pig Queen Marois. At the light of recent events, people in Southern Ontario and Quebec know full well by now how those capitalist fuckers can intoxicate the environment while taking the lives of many proles and getting away with it. Let’s keep stopping the high parasites in their developments, and keep trashing them, trashing them again, ’till they are hanged by their ties on the public place.

Here’s the catch: Where and when exactly was it done… which power outage it provoked since then -like the recent shutdown of the Amtrak high-speed bullet train between Boston and NYC for several days- or which one it’ll provoke soon if I happen to have got it wrong… this is to the federal pigs and power companies on both sides of the border to find out, and show if their technology and workforce is really worth the big bucks. They weren’t very successful at finding and repressing those people behind the several electrical sabotages earlier this summer in Quebec, just as the people behind the more famous one back in 2004.

Because tyranny, too, comes with a price… I’m charging all costs resulting from this sabotage on the account of the Grand Jury inquisitors and their pigs, for conspiring against resisters Jerry and Maddy, as well as the bureaucratic cowards enforcing their administrative torture being inflicted to Marie Mason, a loving mother, and loving defender of animal lives who simply can’t protect themselves from the environment rapists. The courage of these prisoners is what gave me the will and energy to go all the way. And if they still are to resist your tyranny into your concrete cells, I and others will attack again.

A bunch of desperate idealists few of us are, maybe, in believing in the very slight chance that some other people elsewhere -who feel the same as we do about this vomit-inducing society of pot-bellied barons in body armor and their beloved toxic suburban wastelands- are gonna pick up on about the same kind of tactics against society, going a long way, over the distance, far out of their socio-cultural bubble, to actually smash the totalitarian society for real. But I hate ideals, especially those utopias of the upper caste that turns always into harsher dystopia for many other people. A dystopian utopia, allowed through the massive deployment of power lines and antennas all over the place, supports the massive, mindless submission of the proles to work, consumption, production of toxic waste and always more destruction of the living.

Such society only deserves to be trashed.

We can’t build a free world, one made with accountability, love, understanding, dignity, rationality and true community, without breaking (away from) the old rotten routines of the prevailing capitalist oligarchy, as, basically, only a functioning society allows it to maintain itself. This society is nothing more than an open-air factory, a mostly invisible machine of mass-exploitation through conformity, where the individual becomes a nuisance, if not the ultimate enemy, as does the natural world. Society is war.

There’s lots of possibilities for us to fight the power infrastructure’s hold on the masses, while resisting those many invasive, destructive developments of big global finance, where and when we can, in as big numbers as we can gather. And if I’ve been so foolish to go on my own doing this (I don’t cast out any doubt that I was) then prove me wrong, unknown accomplices and friends…

Towards savagery!

in solidarity with current fighters of the FAI/IRF,
with the anti-MAT resisters in Catalunya,
in memory of Mohawk warrior “Splitting the Sky”

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