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Recently, we paid a visit to the parking lot of the Ministry of Public Security of Quebec at 600 Fullum, and doused their official vehicles with paint stripper and slashed the tires.

The Ministry of Public Security of Quebec is responsible for, among other things, overseeing the municipal and provincial police and provincial prisons. Ultimately, it is the ministry that is responsible for all aspects of the conditions of imprisonment in Quebec – from the conduct of the police to the items available in canteen.

As we write this, there are two ongoing shows of resistance to the prison system in Canada. One is a hunger strike undertaken by detained immigrants in Ontario who are not accused of any crime, but are detained awaiting deportation proceedings. Their demands include better treatment and an end to detention of immigrants without criminal charges. The hunger strike is now in its fifth week.

The second is a work strike in many federal prisons across the country to protest the recent 30% pay cut for all federal prisoners. The government justifies the pay cut by claiming they are taking room and board from the prisoners. Not only do prisoners already have to work to maintain their own prisons but they will now have to pay to be imprisoned. This pay cut is part of a broader trend in which prisoners face worsening conditions – from longer sentences, stricter parole, double-bunking, and fewer programs in prison.

Solidarity to prisoners in struggle; for an end to all prisons and police.
And to Youri and Guillaume, G20 prisoners, in Bordeaux provincial prison in Montreal.

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