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Today, January 20th, 2014, comrade Mario López was arrested upon his weekly appearance in court for giving his signature as part of the conditions imposed for his conditional release. Primarily, he was informed that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic required his detention by order of presentation, to ask him questions in relation to an ongoing investigation. After the interrogation, he was notified that he would be sent to custody following an arrest warrant for violation of the federal law of firearms and explosives, concerning the events of June 27th, 2012. He was transferred to the Reclusorio Oriente, Eastern Penitentiary of the Mexico City. We have no further information as of yet.

Mario’s arrest occurred in the context of an anti-anarchist hunt unleashed by the Mexican government. No doubt, now that they have arrested the comrade, they will try to press more charges against him. Persecution against anarchism continues; this is why it is more important than ever to strengthen solidarity.

Freedom for Mario López!
Freedom for all anarchist prisoners!
Neither guilty nor innocent; solidarity!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

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