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Note on self-styled “libertarians” and “antiauthoritarians” from Bosnia

Recently group of self-styled “anarchists” (“libertarians”, “antiauthoritarians”) from Bosnia and Herzegovina who work under the name “Slobodari” (, “Libertarians”), due events in Bosnia, draw attention of wider (international) anarchist circles.

However, this group, has made friendly connections, publicly defending (also as “anarchists”), and publishing news about “autonomous”-nationalist group from Ukraine called “Avtonomni Opir” (“Autonomous resistance”) same as their allies “Narodny Nabat” and few other individuals/groups from Ukraine/ex-Soviet Union which originated from anarchist (or left-communist) milieu but which are directly or indirectly supporting or cooperating with those “autonomous”-nationalists and were spreading their hatred and threats toward anarchists who were criticizing nationalist and fascist elements in Ukraine events! They all approached “autonomous”-nationalists because of their “supposed change” and “revolutionary urgency”. And indeed, they maybe changed – but to more dangerous strasserite mutation which alredy managed to spread it’s poison among some of those who label themselves as “anarchists”.

Even before events in Ukraine, along with sloppy and inaccurate (Google) translations of counter-information from different realiable anarchist sources (which made most of their site content), this group (“Slobodari”) has been, time to time, spreading news and texts from the sites close to the right-wing or content from other “general” sites but which carried “critique” or “analysis” from liberal and patriotic positions. They also adopted “militant rethoric and imagery”, tried to mimic critique of “leftism” and “citizenism” within anarchist milieus but continued with practice of publishing different authoritarian content or news about their strasseritian friends from Ukraine along with news on anarchist actions and anarchist prisoners.

They also attempted to build image about themselves by linking to different anarchist counter-information projects and groups. Same group of people or individuals among/close them are running few other web-site projects with more or less similar content. Namely,

“Anarchist Black Cross Balkan” (, “Libertarians”
(, Anarho-Čaršija
(, CC Brigada
(, Russian Struggle
(, Antifa Sarajevo
(, FB page of Slobodari
( and possibly few more.

We urge to all anarchist counter-information projects, individuals and groups to pay attention on this group, distance themselves and if possible to ask removal of any references (links etc., ie to their projects / groups on “Slobodari” web-site. We also urge to all anarchist comrades to publicly denounce, distance themselves and fight against similar trends within anarchist milieu if such exist in their local realities. We also ask you to spread info about this group and it’s practices with groups and projects with whom you have contact.

Death to patriotism and nationalism
Death to the state and capitalism

For Anarchy,
Few anarchists around Balkans


One new article on “Avtonomni Opir” and “Narodny Nabat”

Just few examples of “Slobodari” practice – this text was written by ex-member/MP of Serbian Radical Party ( and also coming from the site ( which is close to (serbian) movement Dveri (you can see their banner at the bottom of the site, and in generally patriotic serbo-russian orthodox brotherhood lobby. – Interview with “Avtonomni Opir” buddies, self-styled “social anarchists” Narodny Nabat – Avtonomni Opir reporting about “Slobodari” action – Slobodari report on Avtonomni Opir action (in the meantime they hide original post on their site, but still it could be seen on other site they run – poisonous article coming from “Group of communists maximalists” (more on them here or here

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