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Dear comrades,

Why do you insist on organizing within or in parallel of larger demos, or given symbolic dates? Moments when not only do you know the attacks from police will come because the whole repressive apparatus will be organized, coordinated, deployed and empowered by their laws and technology, but where you will also be reminded to watch your backs for the hostile masses in the street (have you not seen yet, the masses ready to trample you under their fear?), the whole amalgam of leftists who want to maintain and manage domination alternatively, the snitches, and the paciflics* as we call them in Montreal, already setting yourself up in a kettle between cops and citizens, more so than on a normal day.
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A debate is the in-depth exploration of a certain question through the confrontation between two or more sides, each one with their own position. Unlike those who think that debates are to be avoided as to not provoke divisions, we think that they have to be nourished. Because the goal of a debate is not to declare a winner before whom all have to bend the knee, but to enrich the conscience of each one. Debates clarify the ideas. The enunciation of and the confrontation between different ideas – a debate is exactly this! – elucidates the dusky parts and indicates the weak points of these ideas. This helps everybody, nobody excluded. It helps all of the sides who are participating in the ideas to refine, correct or reinforce their own ideas. And it helps everyone who assists to the debate, who will make a choice on which side to be (be it the one side, the other side, or neither of the sides discussing).

The history of the anarchist movement is full of debates. All were useful, even if sometimes they were painful. But its history is also full of lacking debates, different ideas which were never confronted, leaving everybody to their own initial certainties (or doubts). Was this for the better, since in this way sterile polemics have been avoided? According to us, no, it was for the worse, because in this way fertile discussions were prevented.

One of this lacking debates is about the use or not of acronyms, representing real organizations, claiming the direct actions against dominion. It seems to us that this debate, although important, was aborted on the moment it was born.
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from Warrior Publications

Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Oct 18, 2013

In the aftermath of the RCMP raid on the anti-fracking blockade in New Brunswick, in Mi’kmaq territory, there has emerged a conspiracy theory that the six police vehicles set on fire were the act of police informants acting as agents provocateurs.
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from 325

Here is a letter written by Nicola Gai and translated by B.Pd, also published in the latest issue of Terra Selvaggia in July 2013. The text raises many issues (imposed and self-imposed obstacles to anarchist action, the urgent need to strike the enemy, relations between comrades in struggles and at meetings, etc), which we hope will be addressed as soon as possible, so as to find new and more effective practical ways in the destructive attack on dominion.

It is now an established fact that we live in a world of shit where the State and capital, basically undisturbed, impose all sorts of monstrosities on us. It is also certain that only a tiny minority of the population is trying to oppose the suppression of spaces of autonomy and freedom that make life worth living, in a more or less conscious way. As a part of this tiny minority, we anarchists are aware of the urgent need to destroy what oppresses us: why are we not more determined and acute?
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Hero with a 1000 Faces

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Jul 122013

from Dark Nights 35 via anarchistnews

A text was recently published called Neither Oblivion nor Ceremony: Against the Cult of the Carrion. I am sure I recognise the tone, the style, and I certainly suspect its origin, but I could be wrong, and for the purposes of discussion, which they hoped they’d spark, I write these lines. Some of the aforementioned text I have some empathy with: I too am sometimes frustrated by the winks and nods, the self- referentialism and the litany of names too numerous for me to remember that accompany actions and communiques. I am frustrated by it because I know how meaningless, how excluding it can be to readers outside certain circles. But I also suspect it arises from a particular meanness in myself, and a particular moment in my life where I feel alienated from nearly everything. And it is a peculiar meanness and miserliness, in Against the Cult of the Carrion that I cannot help but want to brush off, as if I had suddenly entered a dark and ugly attic and was covered in cobwebs, exoskeletons and dust. Every so often it seems, from the shadows that they say they love, come the squeaking wails of these protestant mice, preaching silence and greyness whilst crying out, Remember us! And so even though there were points that perhaps under different circumstances I would agree with, and think worthy of discussion, this latest exhortation from the authors is the dreariest and rudest of all, repels me and forces me to reconsider.
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“It seems more satisfactory, for me, seeing that it is about men who have been distinguished for their actions, than to honor them only with actions.”
Thucydides, History of the Peloponesian War, 411 BC

It is dangerous to declare war against the State and this world, because the State only knows how to do two things : progress, and combat everyone who would destroy it, weaken it, or impede its progress. As such, anarchists, by which we mean revolutionaries, are conscious of our decisions and of the responsibilities that derive from them. When we say revolutionaries, we are not speaking of any belief in a perfect and peaceful world, nor in the chimeric belief in the possibility of seeing the arrival of some total anti-authoritarian revolution which we can only dream of in our mental masturbation, in our lifetime or not. We are speaking of a permanent tension toward the deepening of a process of rupture with power and its institutions, through radical critique and destruction.
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