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Note on self-styled “libertarians” and “antiauthoritarians” from Bosnia

Recently group of self-styled “anarchists” (“libertarians”, “antiauthoritarians”) from Bosnia and Herzegovina who work under the name “Slobodari” (, “Libertarians”), due events in Bosnia, draw attention of wider (international) anarchist circles.

However, this group, has made friendly connections, publicly defending (also as “anarchists”), and publishing news about “autonomous”-nationalist group from Ukraine called “Avtonomni Opir” (“Autonomous resistance”) same as their allies “Narodny Nabat” and few other individuals/groups from Ukraine/ex-Soviet Union which originated from anarchist (or left-communist) milieu but which are directly or indirectly supporting or cooperating with those “autonomous”-nationalists and were spreading their hatred and threats toward anarchists who were criticizing nationalist and fascist elements in Ukraine events! They all approached “autonomous”-nationalists because of their “supposed change” and “revolutionary urgency”. And indeed, they maybe changed – but to more dangerous strasserite mutation which alredy managed to spread it’s poison among some of those who label themselves as “anarchists”.
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