repris de Non Fides

Recueil de textes en solidarité et des lettres des compagnons incarcérés en Espagne suite à l’attaque le 2 octobre 2012 contre la basilique del Pilar de Saragosse, Mónica Caballero et Francisco Solar.

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Dec 042013

repris de Camotazo

Après que l’Audiencia Nacional ait décrété la prison préventive les compagnon-ne-s sont entré-e-s à la prison de transfert de Soto del real à Madrid, à la suite de quoi ils ont été dispérsé-e-s dans des prisons différentes.

Monica se trouve dans le Centre Pénitentiaire Madrid VII (Estremera), tandis que Francisco a été transféré au Centre Pénitentiaire Madrid IV de Navalcarnero. Les deux compagnon-ne-s se trouveraient sous l’infâme régime F.I.E.S-3 (NdT : réservé à ceux/celles accusé-e-s de terrorisme).

Leurs adresses :
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depuis Camotazo

Ce mercredi 13 novembre vers 03h du matin, cinq compagnon-ne-s ont été arrêté-e-s dans un appartement du quartier Carmel de Barcelone, accusé-e-s d’être les auteurs de l’attentat à la bombe contre la basilique del Pilar de Zaragoza le 02 octobre dernier.
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from Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Today, Wednesday November 13th at 3 AM in the mourning, 5 people of various nationalities including Valeria Giacomoni (34 years old), Monica Caballero (25 years old) and Francisco Solar (34 years). There are another two men of Chilean and Argentinean nationality; however the police have yet to release their names.
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from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

After a long process during which the $hilean state and the plaintiff institutions tried by all means to condemn the compas at any cost, they were absolved of all the charges, in the final hearing today June 1st, 2012.

All the charges such as placement of explosive device and terrorist financing were dismissed; also they raised all the cautionary measures against the 5 compas.

Video from the Shilean media

* WOS note: Initially we had translated directly from a post on VLA which incorrectly mentioned “6 comrades.” There were, of course, only 5 comrades accused and at the trial; the 6th mentioned was the collaborator who is no comrade at all.

from waronsociety

On Friday, June 1st, at 11 AM at the (In)Justice Center in Santiago, Chile, almost 2 years since the raids and arrests of August 14, 2010, and after 6 months of the political trial, the tribunal will dictate the sentencing against the 5 comrades Carlos Riveros, Monica Caballero,Francisco Solar, Felipe Guerra and Omar Hermosilla accused of financing of terrorism and placement of explosive devices.

The prosecution has asked for sentences of up to 15 years.
There will be a solidarity rally outside of the courthouse.

Public communique before the coming end to the “bombs case” political trial

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:
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from solidaridadporlxspresxs, transl waronsociety:

The prosecution’s tricks and ruses could annul the whole trial.

On May 11, 2012, the court of appeals decided this time to accept a challenge made by the Southern Prosecution of the Ministry of the Interior in which the judges are accused of bias and lacking in impartiality.
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from solidaridadporlxspresxs, transl waronsociety:

After continuing to recount and show various evidence from the CSO Sacco and Vanzetti and from the house of the comrade Felipe’s family, now the chapter begins relating to the incendiary attack on the Church of the Sacrament linked to the comrade Mónica Caballero and the raids on the “La Crota” squat where she lived, it is in this way that we have already surpassed the 100 witnesses who have testified in this trial, and the more than 40 experts. But there still remains the chapter on “financing of terrorism” and finally some police chiefs who have not yet presented themselves.
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from War on Society

*Attack on car dealership Atal, March 27, 2007

Police officers and witnesses who heard the noise finished testifying about the explosion in this attack. In which a couple of windows were broken and a car sustained minor damages which were repaired and the car sold.

*Attack on Chilectra, October 16, 2007

Unknown persons left an explosive device during the early hours, supposedly TNT activated by a fuse, broke windows of the Chilectra branch located on Gran Av. in La Cisterna. Near the branch leaflets were found making allusion to environmental issues and fee increases. Witnesses and owners of nearby premises testified who had learned of the explosion the following day observing the damages to the branch, as well as police in charge of the proceedings.
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from War on Society

The trial continues against the 5 accused, currently they are speaking about each attack for which the comrades are accused.
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translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

The ongoing political trial against the 5 comrades is a historical trial and unprecedented in recent times, where ideas, positions, forms of living, writings, posters and friendship relations are brought to court.

Discussions extends over the nonexistent links between comrades and the bombings or financing, or go straight ahead to making direct and only reference to texts, posters, zines, books, thoughts and writings. A political trial where in the end the judgment is not even on the 5 that are in the bench of the accused, but an entire antiauthoritarian, libertarian or anarchist environment. Where any sentence added to the long years in prison for the comrades, would be a dangerous precedent for the struggle, being that any radical critique to power would be associated directly with a direct participation in placing explosive devices, without any logic, without any rational sense the door will be left open so that a poster in memory of fallen comrades, a critique of the church or the very existence of God, internationalist beside speculations and sentencing for direct actions. That is why the importance and relevance of this trial for all comrades and not only for the defendants.

This would be a perfect trial for illegal possession of ideas and storage of critiques.

But the trial follows its pace and is plagued of police contradictions, including one of the highlights where a police officer says he requested to raid the squatted social center and library Sacco y Vanzetti on May 22, 2009 (after the death of Mauricio), while there is no written record of that, because it simply did not happen. He’s looking to fit his investigative thesis and with lies is trying to make sense of its supposed conclusions.
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traduit de l’espagnol par sabotagemedia
depuis Culmine

Une fois de plus
main tendu aux camarades
Poing fermé aux

Camarades de l’organisation de la Conspiration des Céllules du Feu je vous écris à quelques heures du début du procès «l’affaire bombes» une mauvaise copie de «l’affaire Cervantes.»

Le pouvoir et ses sbires essaient de me condamner pour la collocation d’un engin incendiaire dans une église, pour cette raison je risque une condamnation de 5 à 20 ans de peine effective, dans le cadre de la loi antiterroriste. On Prépare le feu de la chasse aux sorcières.
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traduit de l’espagnol par sabotagemedia
depuis Libertad a lxs 14-A

Ceci est la liste des 14 camarades, qui ont été pris en otage par l’État chilien il y a plus d’un an, depuis le 14 aout 2010; certains.nes font faces à un procès politique depuis le 28 novembre 2011.

Ce qui suit est une liste de leurs présentes conditions avec la cause et les sentences respectives auxquelles ils/elles font face.

Camarades du montage “l’affaire bombes”:
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Letters from Anarchist Prisoners of the “Bombs Case” in Chile

This document is a collection of letters from the Chilean anarchist “Bombs Case” prisoners, in an effort to share and spread their ideas beyond the prison walls.

On August 14th, 2010, fourteen anarchists and anti-authoritarians were arrested in a series of raids in Santiago in what became known as the `Bombs Case`. They were accused of a series of bombings against capital and the state that took place around Santiago in the previous years, as well as of “criminal conspiracy” under the Pinochet-era Anti-Terrorist Laws. Since then, following a hunger strike by the prisoners, as well as countless solidarity actions from around the world, the charges against nine of the accused have been dropped (one of these people is facing other charges in a separate trial), but charges against five comrades remain. They are: Omar Hermosilla and Carlos Riveros, accused of providing the money to finance the costs of the attacks, as well as Mónica Caballero, Felipe Guerra, Francisco Solar, accused of the placement of the explosive devices at different points in Santiago.

The trial started on November 28, 2011.

Prisoners kidnapped by the State to the street!

translated from spanish by sabotagemedia
from Libertad a lxs 14-A

This is the list of the 14 comrades, who’ve been abducted by the chilean State, more than a year ago from the 14 of august 2010; some of them are currently facing a political trial since the 28th of novembre 2011.

The following is their current conditions, together with the cause and respective sentences they are facing.
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