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From Chile, a pitch for the foundation of anarcho-Madurism

Armando Vergueiro

In the web page maintained by the Chilean Platformists in the Federation of “Libertarian” Students (FEL), there has been published, in a stellar plan, an official declaration from this grouping, which without a doubt will pass into history as the cornerstone of a new and picturesque version (or better misrepresentation) of non-hierarchical thought[1] It goes by the name “With the Venezuelan people and against the coup movement,” and it deserves that we should occupy ourselves, even if briefly, with the pearls that adorn it.
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from Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Today, Wednesday November 13th at 3 AM in the mourning, 5 people of various nationalities including Valeria Giacomoni (34 years old), Monica Caballero (25 years old) and Francisco Solar (34 years). There are another two men of Chilean and Argentinean nationality; however the police have yet to release their names.
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from paismapuche and chileboliviawalmapu via anarchistnews

A new death has plunged the Mapuche nation into mourning this Tuesday, 6 August, with the confirmation of the murder of Rodrigo Elicer Melinao Licán, member of the community Rayen Mapu of Lof Lolokos in Ercilla, who was persecuted by the Chilean state and business interests in Wallmapu.
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from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety

On July 12, 2013, compañero Hans Niemeyer was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for “transport of an explosive device,” under the Arms and Explosives Control Law, and to 10 months of prison for the crime of “damages,” all of this in the framework of the BCI Bank bombing in November 2011. Discounting the time he has already spent in prison, the total sentence would be approximately 4 years and 6 months.
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note by sabotagemedia: What follows are 2 communiqués; first is a claim for the decembre 23rd arson and the second is a text from País Mapuche explaining the situation around the communiqué by the CAM who denounces the action while incriminating others. Having translated CAM communiqués in the past we feel a responsibility to share this information and to reiterate our position: Struggles belong to those who fight them and no person nor group, indigenous or not, can dictate how people choose to struggle. All snitches are collaborators, thus our enemies.

All these english translations were taken from The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu
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from Act For Freedom Now
translated from cette semaine by act for freedom now/sysiphus

Note: To understand what is happening, we must bear in mind the attack that occurred at Vilcún January 4, where two landowners (Werner Luchsinger Lemp and his wife Vivianne McKay) died during the burning of the mansion on their vast domain. See here the translation.

Leaflets remembering the assassination in early January 2008 of the Mapuche anarchist punk Matías Catrileo, were found on site. A Mapuche of the region, Ceferino Córdoba, was shot and wounded in the attack and is still in prison. Many other demonstrations and attacks, most of them anonymous, have also taken place as happens every year on that date.
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from liberación total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

pics here

Hundreds of people gathered at 7pm in the center of Santiago, to march from the Alameda by Paseo Ahumada to Plaza de Armas. This as part of the fifth commemoration in memory of Matías Catrileo.
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from Liberación Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Yesterday, June 28, in Santiago as in cities across the country, was held one of the many marches that have happened lately by students demanding free education in $hile.

The vast majority of demos that took place this year have not been allowed to pass through the Alameda, the capital’s main avenue. Rather they were directed to areas where there were few businesses and where police repression was easier.

During the demo, clashes with police lasted nearly four hours, during which were destroyed much of the road signs, TranSantiago bus stops and traffic signals. Banks and Claro telephone branches were attacked and two pharmacies were looted.
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from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

After a long process during which the $hilean state and the plaintiff institutions tried by all means to condemn the compas at any cost, they were absolved of all the charges, in the final hearing today June 1st, 2012.

All the charges such as placement of explosive device and terrorist financing were dismissed; also they raised all the cautionary measures against the 5 compas.

Video from the Shilean media

* WOS note: Initially we had translated directly from a post on VLA which incorrectly mentioned “6 comrades.” There were, of course, only 5 comrades accused and at the trial; the 6th mentioned was the collaborator who is no comrade at all.

from waronsociety

On Friday, June 1st, at 11 AM at the (In)Justice Center in Santiago, Chile, almost 2 years since the raids and arrests of August 14, 2010, and after 6 months of the political trial, the tribunal will dictate the sentencing against the 5 comrades Carlos Riveros, Monica Caballero,Francisco Solar, Felipe Guerra and Omar Hermosilla accused of financing of terrorism and placement of explosive devices.

The prosecution has asked for sentences of up to 15 years.
There will be a solidarity rally outside of the courthouse.

Public communique before the coming end to the “bombs case” political trial

from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety, communique:
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from solidaridadporlxspresxs, transl waronsociety:

The prosecution’s tricks and ruses could annul the whole trial.

On May 11, 2012, the court of appeals decided this time to accept a challenge made by the Southern Prosecution of the Ministry of the Interior in which the judges are accused of bias and lacking in impartiality.
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from Liberacion Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

from the press…

An arson attack against the construction of the Rucatayo hydroelectric project occurred during the early hours of Monday May 30th, by a group of ten encapuchadxs [hooded] some armed, 37 kilometers from Osorno through the international route 215.

Just after 4:00 am the group arsoned two container used as warehouses, a truck, and a small forklift type machine of the hydroelectric company, in the vicinity of the sector.

The encapuchadxs group fled in a company truck which was set on fire three kilometers from the plant. In addition, a backhoe that was used for the improvement works on Trehuac bridge was arsoned.

The security guards, who witnessed the attack, called the firefighters who were able to control the fire.

here for pics

from País Mapuche
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Mapuche prisoner commits suicide

The month of march started on a sad note with the news that peñi Lorenzo Llevul Antimil committed suicide in prison on march 3rd. He was being accused by the State of being the author of forest fires in Conoco Chico de Chol-Chol sector on january 22nd.

Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community initiates land recuperation process

The Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community of Rucañanko sector, lake Lleu-Lleu, declares:
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translated by War On Society from Viva La Anarquía

pictures here

22:00 – News arrives from Concepción of a count of 30 youth arrested by the clashes that have happened in southern Chile.

21:45 – The focal points multiply and the clashes begin motivated by the arrival of carabineros trying to clear the streets.

21:30 – The commemorative activity where the Vergara Toledo brothers’ parents participate counts 500 participants in the beginning of the march with torches results in the first clashes, according to the press there have been gunshots in the area of Villa Francia.

20:45 – The first barricades are set on fire in Villa Francia and a pair of other neighborhoods in Santiago and in various points in Chile.

20:00 – In Villa Francia, the commemorative event begins for the Vergara Toledo brothers, many people attend this event.

During the afternoon the special forces of carabineros were mobilized for various bomb threats with a total of four incidents up to now, including a threat to the Torre Titanium in the wealthy area of Vitacura in the center of Santiago, also a few minutes ago GOPE made a box of shoes detonate which had water inside it left outside a Santander Bank.

12:30 – the area has returned to boring calm

11:51 – reports that Chilean police are filling empty bottles with a liquid that could be flammable in order to place guilt on the youth who had been arrested, a total of 70 youth are being transported in police vehicles
Día del Joven Combatiente: Encapuchados generan disturbios en frontis de la USACh

11:48 – At this time there are clashes in the University of Santiago Chile, groups of youth against the police, it is reported that the latter entered the university where already at 10 AM there were more than 100 youth and the combat began. There are more youth in the outskirts of the university showing their support to those who are resisting inside.

2:30 – The first hours of this March 29th marked different focal points of clashes between police and residents, in which the latter again took the street not only to remember those fallen in combat but also for all the rage they carry inside themselves and to show their disgust for authority visualized in the deployment of armored vehicles and police special forces, some of the places where there was fighting this morning were Villa Francia, Los Morros, La Pincoya, Quilicura and others; There are three arrested and the first tanks were seen in Los Morros neighborhood of San Bernardo.

from solidaridadporlxspresxs, transl waronsociety:

After continuing to recount and show various evidence from the CSO Sacco and Vanzetti and from the house of the comrade Felipe’s family, now the chapter begins relating to the incendiary attack on the Church of the Sacrament linked to the comrade Mónica Caballero and the raids on the “La Crota” squat where she lived, it is in this way that we have already surpassed the 100 witnesses who have testified in this trial, and the more than 40 experts. But there still remains the chapter on “financing of terrorism” and finally some police chiefs who have not yet presented themselves.
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