The media report that in Longueuil on the night of May 22 to 23, some sixty school buses were vandalized at a parking lot on the Jacques-Cartier West Boulevard. Windows were broken, doors damaged and fire extinguishers were emptied inside the vehicles.

24 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools and 6 private schools were affected.

Two people ages 15 and 17 were arrested and interrogated by the Longueuil police. According to the cops, the arrests took place because the two youths talked to some friends about it. They were detained for the weekend until their Monday court appearance, facing break and enter and mischief charges.

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On the morning of April 8th, 8 train lines running through Montreal were blocked by disrupting the rail signals.

This action was done in response to ongoing efforts of colonization and repression by the state against indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Colonization and its enforcers are responsible for the missing and murdered indigenous women who have lost their lives as a result of this racist, imperialist society. This action was done in solidarity with recent and ongoing efforts of different communities to honor the lives of these women and to disable the capacity of their assassins.

Rebels, indigenous folk and workers alike have targeted the train lines as an apt means for disrupting the flow of capital and these systems of domination. Historically and presently the railways have acted as a necessary toll for imperialism and colonization.

CN has chosen to build its infrastructure across indigenous territory as another act of stealing land from autonomous communities.

As anarchists we are invested in contributing to an active disruption of domination and state power.

Strength and love to those facing ongoing repression for their actions, and to the families and loved ones of those lost in this war.

Some anarchists

Apr 122014

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During the evening of Wednesday April 9th. 3 Bank atms in Seattle had their credit card slots sealed shut. This was done in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the Northwest Detention and for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos.

- Some Anarchists

The media have reported that the RCMP are investigating a shooting at a $3 million house on Sunnycrest Drive in North Vancouver belonging to Johnathan More, president and CEO of Aldrin Resource Corp., a uranium company that has begun drilling in the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan. He is also director of Athabasca Nuclear, and the CEO and director of Mira Resources Corp., an oil and gas company with projects in Ghana and Angola.

The RCMP state that the house received multiple gunshots shortly after midnight on Friday April 4th, with neighbors apparently reporting of a vehicle speeding away after the shots were fired.

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note by sabotagemedia: we have added below the text “Dear comrades in the streets”

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Dear comrades,

Why do you insist on organizing within or in parallel of larger demos, or given symbolic dates? Moments when not only do you know the attacks from police will come because the whole repressive apparatus will be organized, coordinated, deployed and empowered by their laws and technology, but where you will also be reminded to watch your backs for the hostile masses in the street (have you not seen yet, the masses ready to trample you under their fear?), the whole amalgam of leftists who want to maintain and manage domination alternatively, the snitches, and the paciflics* as we call them in Montreal, already setting yourself up in a kettle between cops and citizens, more so than on a normal day.
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A debate is the in-depth exploration of a certain question through the confrontation between two or more sides, each one with their own position. Unlike those who think that debates are to be avoided as to not provoke divisions, we think that they have to be nourished. Because the goal of a debate is not to declare a winner before whom all have to bend the knee, but to enrich the conscience of each one. Debates clarify the ideas. The enunciation of and the confrontation between different ideas – a debate is exactly this! – elucidates the dusky parts and indicates the weak points of these ideas. This helps everybody, nobody excluded. It helps all of the sides who are participating in the ideas to refine, correct or reinforce their own ideas. And it helps everyone who assists to the debate, who will make a choice on which side to be (be it the one side, the other side, or neither of the sides discussing).

The history of the anarchist movement is full of debates. All were useful, even if sometimes they were painful. But its history is also full of lacking debates, different ideas which were never confronted, leaving everybody to their own initial certainties (or doubts). Was this for the better, since in this way sterile polemics have been avoided? According to us, no, it was for the worse, because in this way fertile discussions were prevented.

One of this lacking debates is about the use or not of acronyms, representing real organizations, claiming the direct actions against dominion. It seems to us that this debate, although important, was aborted on the moment it was born.
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While we lightened a cold dark night by torching a pile of iron, the rising flames could be seen far from the site, and aside from the pleasure that has given us, the action was taken in the service of eco-vandalism lobbying whose name has never been heard before.
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On the night of February 22nd, we poured a mixture of sand and water into the fuel tanks of two tractors used in the construction of a new Atlanta streetcar. The streetcar is one of many major development projects the city has initiated in the past few years as a part of a general plan to revitalize downtown. We know that this plan only means more police and unaffordable housing.

We offer this small gesture of solidarity to the ZAD, the No TAV movement, and the occupation of the Hambach Forest. We would also like to send strength to those affected by increased surveillance or repression the new developments have brought to Atlanta.

Our action was very simple to perform. It did not take long to plan or to enact and we found all of the materials on the side of the road. We do not believe that an accumulation of “actions” makes a revolution, but we wanted to give encouragment to the current and future participants of revolutionary struggles.

Onward, strong hearts!

Media are reporting that thursday evening (20 February) at least two police cars in the parking lot of police station 27 in Ahunstic had been damaged by molotovs. Apparently a 26 year old man has been detained and interrogated.
That’s all the info we have for the moment.
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From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
Why not in your place ?
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A week ago we glued the locks of Bloomingfoods, an eco-capitalist cooperative. This was done in solidarity with Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon, three comrades held captive by the Mexican state, and with all those in Westville Correctional Facility currently on hunger strike against yet another attack against their dignity in the form of low-quality bagged lunches.
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Late at night on Friday the 17th we crept up to a police substation and attacked several police cars with rocks in solidarity with anarchist comrades arrested in Mexico. Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pelletier and Carlos López Mart were arrested on January 5th under suspician of a Molotov attack on the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and a Nissan dealership in Mexico City, and are currently being held without bail. Neither innocent nor guilty, we extend our solidarity to them.

We also act in solidarity with the prisoners in Westville Correctional Facility refusing disgusting bland worthless sack lunches and demanding better food and conditions. Fuck IDOC, fuck Aramark.

Solidarity with all comrades in prison or facing repression!

Fuck cops, here and there!

Prisoners to the streets!

Ni culpables ni inocentes, solo consecuentes!

Presxs a la calle!

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On the 9th of January, we answered a call for solidarity with stolen anarchist comrades in Mexico City, Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pelletier and Carlos López Mart. We crept up to a HSBC bank on East Hastings, in occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC), and lit an incendiary device in the ATM area causing a massive fire ball. HSBC is a symbol of capitalism, oppression and domination. So it’s a perfect target for our rage.

This also comes in a time where Canada’s justice minister Peter Mackay is warning activists to not commit illegal actions toward stopping the pipelines. Mackay you can shove your warnings up your fucking ass. The state’s and corporations dreams of massive resource extraction will go up in flames of revolt from the streets to late night sabotage and destruction. The need for freedom, anarchy and liberation will destroy this colonial state. Our acts of sabotage are uncontrollable, strategic and successful. This attack on HSBC is only the beginning of sabotage the will and is occurring. We are also in solidarity with Miq’maq warriors and other protesters still facing charges and harassment by the RCMP pigs and the Canadian state from anti-fracking protests in Elsipogtog.


from fuego a las carceles translation partly via mediacoop montreal

Yesterday, 5th of January, at approximately 10 pm, two groups of people dressed in black attacked the buildings belonging to the offices of Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and a Nissan dealership with rocks and Molotov cocktails causing damage to buildings and several vehicles.
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