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A debate is the in-depth exploration of a certain question through the confrontation between two or more sides, each one with their own position. Unlike those who think that debates are to be avoided as to not provoke divisions, we think that they have to be nourished. Because the goal of a debate is not to declare a winner before whom all have to bend the knee, but to enrich the conscience of each one. Debates clarify the ideas. The enunciation of and the confrontation between different ideas – a debate is exactly this! – elucidates the dusky parts and indicates the weak points of these ideas. This helps everybody, nobody excluded. It helps all of the sides who are participating in the ideas to refine, correct or reinforce their own ideas. And it helps everyone who assists to the debate, who will make a choice on which side to be (be it the one side, the other side, or neither of the sides discussing).

The history of the anarchist movement is full of debates. All were useful, even if sometimes they were painful. But its history is also full of lacking debates, different ideas which were never confronted, leaving everybody to their own initial certainties (or doubts). Was this for the better, since in this way sterile polemics have been avoided? According to us, no, it was for the worse, because in this way fertile discussions were prevented.

One of this lacking debates is about the use or not of acronyms, representing real organizations, claiming the direct actions against dominion. It seems to us that this debate, although important, was aborted on the moment it was born.
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While we lightened a cold dark night by torching a pile of iron, the rising flames could be seen far from the site, and aside from the pleasure that has given us, the action was taken in the service of eco-vandalism lobbying whose name has never been heard before.
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from 325

November 14th, 2013

Another issue of the international anti-prisons anarchist newsletter. Download and distribute as you like…

Dark Nights #38

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from anarchistnews

Early morning, on Wednesday November 6th a Royal Bank Of Canada had all 2 of their ATMs smashed and 4 of their windows. This was an easy target as it was far on East Hastings in Burnaby. The RBC was attacked because they help fund the most destructive project on earth, the Alberta Tar Sands.
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Nov 132013

from 325

October 25th, 2013

In Italy, on 30th October, our two brothers, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, are going on trial, accused for the gunshots against a high-profile business executive of a nuclear company. The attack was claimed by the Olga cell-FAI/IRF.
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from Contra Info
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from act for freedom now

Certainty is ours!

What surrounds us is suffocating and if one has dignified blood in their veins instead of dirty water one can’t deny this. The democratic regime headed by repugnant Cristina Kirchner, dressed up as progressive and champion of human rights, is beginning to show the other side of the coin. So the appointment of the new minister for security, Alejandro Granados, backed up by drug smuggler Daniel Scioli, only made what many already knew more evident: democracy arrests, tortures, accuses and kills, and in this respects it has nothing to envy to other political regimes.
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from 325

Here is a letter written by Nicola Gai and translated by B.Pd, also published in the latest issue of Terra Selvaggia in July 2013. The text raises many issues (imposed and self-imposed obstacles to anarchist action, the urgent need to strike the enemy, relations between comrades in struggles and at meetings, etc), which we hope will be addressed as soon as possible, so as to find new and more effective practical ways in the destructive attack on dominion.

It is now an established fact that we live in a world of shit where the State and capital, basically undisturbed, impose all sorts of monstrosities on us. It is also certain that only a tiny minority of the population is trying to oppose the suppression of spaces of autonomy and freedom that make life worth living, in a more or less conscious way. As a part of this tiny minority, we anarchists are aware of the urgent need to destroy what oppresses us: why are we not more determined and acute?
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from solidaridadmario, transl waronsociety, communique:

August 27, 2012

Being that this is an action of the Anti-Civilization Faction of the Earth Liberation Front, it strikes us as necessary to express how we understand vindicating “liberation,” since we act without a utopian spirit and not under any condition of “revolutionary” schemes. Still believing that only struggle makes us free, it strikes us as aggravating to continue in technological daily life under the human-centric and symbolic culture that gives life to civilization. It is unnecessary to mention that on a civilized planet, freedom (like anything else) is not transcendent, we know that explosions and arsons claimed for “liberation” are not enough for us to enjoy the pleasure of total liberation! It is not enough to make attempts against targets, since the “target” must be life itself, our life, and so any liberatory action or attempt can pass for wanting to build a civilization, thus restricting freedom any all designs for emancipation.
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Jan 082013

from 325

As part of the ongoing anarchist war for total liberation, we carried out a hit on the Bathampton radio and TV relay station. Fires were set at four points of the structures, and we left undisturbed. As a result of the sabotage, on top of causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage, we regionally shut down all TV channels on Freeview as well as all national analogue and digital radio stations. Additionally it took down Vodaphone and other mobile networks, damaging police communications and other digital services. 80,000 homes and businesses in the area were affected.
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from Contra Info

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn in the suburb of Aspropyrgos, at the 17th km of the Athens–Corinth national road. The particular characteristics of the location (an area with hardly any traffic, especially during night hours) gave us the advantage of planting the explosive device without having to make a warning phone call — something that would perhaps prompt the cops to deactivate the clockwork device which we would use, in order to protect the offices of their collaborators and friends, the chrissavgites/goldendawners.
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translated by War On Society via Culmine


“The government of science and of men of science cannot fail to be impotent, ridiculous, inhuman, cruel, oppressive, exploiting, maleficent. We may say of men of science, as such, what I have said of theologians and metaphysicians: they have neither sense nor heart for individual and living beings. In so far as they are men of science, they have to deal with and can take interest in nothing except generalities; that do the laws” – Michael Bakunin

“In Japan we had over ten thousand dead, but not a single one to date due to nuclear accidents.” – Roberto Adinolfi

“The environmental impact of nuclear energy is limited, considering that it does not produce CO2.” – Roberto Adinolfi

Toward an imaginative way to destroy the existent

Ideas born from the fates, words accompanied by action carrying the mark of life. We have crippled Roberto Adinolfi, one of so many sorcerers of the atom with a candid spirit and a clean conscience. Roberto Adinolfi, nuclear engineer, administrator in charge of Ansaldo Nuclear; he has steered the Ansaldo-FIAT Consortium as its technical director, the consortium was created for the design of the Italian plants of Montalto di Castro and Trino Vercellese; in the past he has collaborated in the renovation of the Superphenix and has constructed the plants at Cernavoda in Romania. Before nuclear fell into disgrace, he was one of the most responsible together with Scajola for the return of nuclear energy to Italy. Member of the Unicen Commission for nuclear regulation and Vice President of the Italian Nuclear Society, part of the Governing Board of the European technology platform Sustainable Nuclear Energy.
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Jan 062012

from War on Society 1, 2

From Indonesia to Chile…
and passing through every path

“The most productive solidarity with respect to prisoners and to the struggle that is being carried out, is that of making one’s own struggle, extending the struggle where we live.”
Constantino Cavalleri

In the early hours of Wednesday December 21 of 2011, we have set fire to a pair of ATMs in the city of La Paz, in one of the wealthy neighborhoods of the city’s south. Carrying out all the steps in joint and organized form so that our attacks see the fire of success, we used chemical mixtures of Napalm, an incendiary charge and the necessary measures to set fire to the destruction of capital and our salute to the anti-authoritarian warriors.

This action, carried out in coordination with the Incendiary Solidarity Cell, is our form of taking to the streets and spreading the struggle in light of the call from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: “from Indonesia to Chile.”
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