Nov 132013

from 325

October 25th, 2013

In Italy, on 30th October, our two brothers, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, are going on trial, accused for the gunshots against a high-profile business executive of a nuclear company. The attack was claimed by the Olga cell-FAI/IRF.
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from Montreal Counter-Info

In memory of Pavlos Fyssas, a 34 year old anti-fascist rapper who was murdered by a Golden Dawn member in Greece, we spent an evening postering hundreds of anti-fascist posters against Golden Dawn, whose members have opened a chapter in Montreal.

Alerta! Alerta! Anti-Fascista!

Golden Dawn, a far-right Greek political party with open fascist/neo-nazi tendencies has opened a local chapter in Montreal. The first public initiative of this group was to organize a food, clothing, and medicine drive to be distributed to so-called “pure Greeks’’ in need due to the economic hardship across Greece.
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from Contra Info

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn in the suburb of Aspropyrgos, at the 17th km of the Athens–Corinth national road. The particular characteristics of the location (an area with hardly any traffic, especially during night hours) gave us the advantage of planting the explosive device without having to make a warning phone call — something that would perhaps prompt the cops to deactivate the clockwork device which we would use, in order to protect the offices of their collaborators and friends, the chrissavgites/goldendawners.
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Apr 122012

from This Is Our Job

Prisoners throughout Greece, some connected to the Fire Cells Conspiracy and some unconnected, have gone on hunger strike to confront various abuses by the state and its jailers. The strikers and their communiqués are as follows:

Stella Antoniou, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias, and Costas Sakkas

Panayiotis Argyrou and Gerasimos Tsakalos

Christos Tsakalos

Vangelis Kailoglou

And finally, in solidarity with the hunger strikers, a rejection of prison food by 130 prisoners in the 1st Wing of Korydallos Prison.

From Occupied London

UPDATE, 20:17 GMT+2 A translation of the suicide note left by Dimitris Christoulas, the 77-year old man who commited suicide at Syntagma Square in Athens earlier today (see below for background to his story).

The Tsolakoglou* [Quisling] occupation government literally nullified my ability to survive on a decent pension, for which I had already paid (without government aid) for 35 years.

I am of an age that prevents me from offering a decent individual response (without of course ruling out the possibility of being the second person to take arms, should one person decide to do so), I find no solution other than a dignified end, before resorting to going through garbage in order to cover my nutritional needs.

One day, I believe, the youth with no future will take up arms and hang the national traitors at syntagma square, just like the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Milan’s Piazzale Loreto)

–Dimitris Christoulas, Syntagma, Athens, April 4th, 2012

[*Georgios Tsolakoglou was a Greek military officer who became the first Prime Minister of the Greek collaborationist government during the Axis Occupation in 1941-1942.]

Suicide rates have doubled in Greece since the government signed the loan agreement with IMF/EU/ECB. This morning (Apr 4), a 77-year old retired pharmacist shot himself dead at Syntagma, Athens’ central Square (his suicide note is translated above).
Yesterday evening, a 38-year old father of two and long-term unemployed, jumped off the roof of his housing block in the town of Ierapetra, Crete.

There are calls circulating for a rally tonight on Syntagma Square at 18:00. One of the calls is accompanied by this flyer:

“Scumbags, one suicide per day because of you, but the day is coming when the desperate ones will choose to take the law into their own hands: you shall pay”

from Occupied London 1, 2

Tens of banks and other buildings are burning across Athens after today’s demonstrations. There are huge riots in Thessaloniki and Patra as well. The situation seems to be spiralling out of control. We will try to summarise key developments through the night, below:



All times are GMT+2

01.06 The new memorandum has just been voted in parliament.

01.03 Statement by the occupied law school (greek original):

It was decided by the assembly of the occupied law school for the occupation to continue.
We call all the people to take to the streets, to keep on fighting!
Nothing has ended, everything begins now.
The law school is a centre of struggle and will continue to be so!
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from Contra Info

On Saturday, February 4th, at 20.00 in the evening, 60 solidaritarians attacked the personal guard, the guard booth and official vehicles outside the residence of the president of democracy Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias’ personal guard fled, and flyers were thrown at the spot in solidarity with the anarchists Stella Antoniou, Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis and Alexandros Mitroussias.
The solidaritarians withdrew in coordinated pace from the place, which is located at short distance from the police headquarters. A few minutes later, a DELTA police motorcycle unit appeared, that used flash-bang grenades in an effort to reach the solidaritarians, but with no success.

Yesterday’s action was held in solidarity with Stella Antoniou and the other comrades accused for the same case, as a first response to the denial of her application for release on bail.

These actions will continue until Stella Antoniou is released from prison.




from Contra Info

According to your court indictment, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire is a terrorist organization. But words were never, nor are or will ever be neutral. Words acquire the meaning given by the person who uses them. We do not speak the language of the judges and prosecutors. We speak the language of the hunted who have refused the victim’s role, the wanted who have not handed themselves in to the authorities, the prisoners who have not caged their will for freedom, the anarchists who have never kneeled in front of Power. Solidarity, Dignity, Urban Guerrilla, Anarchy, these are our words, that we unleash as an insult against your system.
Yes, that’s right, we are anarchist urban guerrillas and proud to participate in the rebellion of our desires, under the name Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
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Jan 182012

from angry news from around the world

Solidarity poster for anarchist Rami Sirianos and comrade Kleomenis Savanidis


Work penetrates and determines our whole existence. Time flows merciless at her rhythm as we commute through identical depressive surroundings at an ever increasing pace. Working time…productive time…free time…Every single one of our activities falls within her context: acquiring knowledge is considered an investment for a future career, joy is transformed into entertainment and delves into an orgy of consumption, our creativity is crushed within the narrow limits of productivity, our relationships -even our erotic encounters- speak the language of performance and usability… Our perversion has reached such a point that we search for any form of work, even voluntary, in order to fill our existential void, in order to “do something”.

We exist to work, we work to exist.
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from Contra Info

Second trial of the ‘Halandri case’ – Day 2, December 20th, 2011
Special court of Koridallos women’s prisons

Before the hearing was adjourned, the four defendants made a statement. Christos Tsakalos read it after explaining that, ‘We want to read a political statement in regard to the facts of our recent attempted escape from Koridallos prisons. Initially, the issue may seem irrelevant to the court’s case, nevertheless it has a direct relation, for a specific reason. This attempt of ours not only conveyed a message to Koridallos prisons and the entire prison system in general, but also to this court.’

The full text of the statement, a copy of which was filed in the court records, is as follows:
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from 325

Around 6.45 this evening [12/12/11], P.Vlastos (a known underground figure accused of organizing kidnappings of rich industrialists among other things) took some prison guards hostage in his attempt to escape. A few members of the C.C.F. (who are in Koridallos because of the second part of the ‘Halandri’ trial) also participated in the attempt. After the escape attempt failed, they started negotiating, while one of the comrades of the C.C.F. made a statement to the media that they participated in the escape attempt but do not want to negotiate with cops, but want to publicize the horrible conditions in Koridallos prison (See above Youtube video for statement by Michalis Nikolopoulos).
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from Contra Info

As part of the anti-repression commemorations, across Greece and in other parts of the world, for the three years since the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the December ’08 uprising, a morning rally was held today, December 6th, 2011, in the northern suburb of Halandri, organized mainly by high school students. More than 150 people (mostly youths) attended the protest march. The demo started from the square of Aghios Nikolaos and moved on to the police station which was guarded at the time by at least one squad of YMET forces (in blue uniforms).

Youths attacked the police station throwing stones, reaching its entrance and forcing the cops to retreat and hide inside the building. During this direct action which lasted nearly five minutes, the facade was shattered and a police shield was taken as a trophy. The cops used fire extinguishers and shock grenades to disperse the rioters. The protesters took to the streets again and continued their march, attacking a luxury car parked nearby, but also smashing shop windows and destroying several bank surveillance cameras along their way. The anti-repression demo ended without any report of arrests.

The daily uncertainty and the threat of a possible revenge of power against our bodies vanish when reading the words of anti-authoritarian solidarity that are now captive in the dungeons of the Greek state. Words who under no point of view whatsoever encounter themselves subjected, rebels against the jailers and all forms of authority, words that are transgressive action against oppression.

As has been stated repeatedly, solidarity is not just words written between anarchists and you have demonstrated it concretely, understanding that the struggle for freedom is universal, practicing and supporting the international revolt steadily, making the enemy see that our dignity is real and represents a permanent threat to this world and those who try to perpetuate it. Anti-prison struggle in and outside prisons is the same whether in Chile, Greece, Indonesia or Mexico. The enemy and its principles are common so it is necessary to share experiences of offensive resistance to enable us to advance in the construction of new adversarial relationships to power, thus creating a fraternal greeting to the FAI / IRF as a body that promotes the anti-authoritarian thought and practice and, permitting us to recognize our brothers throughout the world without ever having seen the face.

Having spent 9 months behind bars my energy stays in solidarity with the prisoners, knowing that I risk years in prison in high-security measures only increases my contempt for these death centers and their guardians, the only alternative for these places is their utter destruction and therefore there must be non-stop work, always forward.

All the strength and drive to the prisoners from the CCF, your attitude fills all anarchists and anti-authoritarians with pride and as you say it is very likely that someday we will find ourselves anyplace in the world to share and practice experiences.

Another Accused in the Bombs Case
In pending Political Trial

translated by sabotagemedia
original in spanish

From the distance, the words come translated with the only language that all understand: that of the struggle for freedom. No fear, person, name or acronym is transformed into fetish, in anti-authoritarian language there’s simply no such possibility as even less that of leaders, professionals or authorities.

Today, for the moment, I do not see the gray of the cement surrounding everything in these graves but that’s not the reason that forgetting clouds the present. Cages, cells, the jailers and prisoners are still there… a few feet or perhaps kilometers away.

Because the jailers here perhaps closely resemble those over there, because the sound of the bars and locks must not be very different, the regimes and conditions may vary, FIES (Spain), TIPO-F (Turkey), Maximum Security Modules (Chile), they share a common structure and objective. Without a doubt the oppressors learn from each other.

The solidarity among fellow prisoners, among themselves through cells, modules, prohibitions, prisons, borders is the urgency triggered by the daily and permanent repression.
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On Saturday, November 5, 2011, a group of comrades carried out an expropriation at an Exarcheia supermarket that is part of the Bazaar/Fresh Express chain.

Staple and food products were expropriated and then distributed among people at the open-air market on Kallidromiou Street.

The crowd enthusiastically received the full shopping carts and readily accepted the products with appreciation and praise for the action.

Their riches are our blood.

Expropriate Capital everywhere.



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