Apr 122014

from pugetsoundanarchists

During the evening of Wednesday April 9th. 3 Bank atms in Seattle had their credit card slots sealed shut. This was done in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the Northwest Detention and for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos.

- Some Anarchists

from This Is Our Job

As of today, Monday, February 27, comrades Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, and Marcelo Villarroel are continuing their liquid hunger strike. As punishment, they still remain confined to the Maximum-Security Wing, which situation will not cease until they abandon their protest. Within this context, our comrades have lost a significant amount of weight: Aliste 4 kg, Fuentevilla 5.4 kg, and Villarroel 7.4 kg.
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from Contra Info

This is a flyer (in Italian) that was distributed during the demo against the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Bern on January 21st, 2012.

Comrades from Villa Vegan Squat in Milano, Italy, are translating the communiqués of Marco, Silvia and Billy about the strike, so they will be available soon.

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The three green anarchists imprisoned in Swiss prisons decided to join the week of mobilization against the World Economic Forum, which will be held in Switzerland during these days. Marco and Silvia are conducting a hunger strike for 10 days (January 20th–30th, 2012). Billy is abstaining from prison food and refusing to work (working is compulsory in Swiss prisons), in order to protest against the WEF, but also as a response to their prison conditions, more precisely for the liberation of Marco Camenisch in May 2012 and against the glass separator during the visits of friends.
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The Short Corridor Collective, representatives of the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike leaders, released a statement explaining their reasoning behind accepting the CDCR’s offer and ending the hunger strike.

As this struggle enters a new phase post-initial-negotiation with the CDCR, supporters outside prison are called on to carry this fight and make sure that the CDCR follows through with its offer of good faith. Supporters everywhere are called on to continue to amplify prisoners’ voices, and to strengthen our ties and connections to better consolidate a growing movement against imprisonment, torture, and all violence. Please keep encouraging everyone you know to refer to this website as a source for information regarding the hunger strike, and the ongoing work to win the five core demands presented by the Pelican Bay hunger strikers. Click here for upcoming events and actions.

Written Statement by Short Corridor Collective (a small representative of the Hunger Strike Leaders at Pelican Bay)
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Montreal, July 8: For the second time this week, people in Montreal acted in solidarity with the historic hunger strike presently continuing in prisons across the state of California.

While Montreal media have so far made no mention of the hunger strike, on Friday July 8, a small crowd gathered outside the u.s. consulate to express their outrage at the California prison system, and their support for the prisoners on hunger strike. People chanted “From Guantanamo to Pelican Bay, There’s Blood on the Hands of the USA”, and “2-3-4-5, No Prisoner Has To Die, 5-6-7-8 Show Support, Smash the State”. A speaker from the newly formed Montreal Hungerstrike Support Committee informed passersby about the prisoners situation, calling particular attention to the fact that Pelican Bay doctor Michael Sayre has ordered that strikers be denied their prescription medication.
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Montreal, july 3

Sunday afternoon in the Montreal area demos were carried out in solidarity with the Pelican Bay prisoners on hunger strike and with prisoners everywhere.
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Jul 022011

On July 1st, dozens of prisoners in long-term isolation units in Pelican Bay and other prisons in California began an indefinite hunger strike to support their demands for improvements to their conditions. These men are held in their cells, alone, 22½-24 hours per day, with any remainder spent alone in an exercise yard. At the unsubstantiated word of another coerced inmate or at the whim of a prison administrator, prisoners are forced into this hellish life which has been clearly shown to induce psychological breakdown. The only way out is to “debrief” or inform on other prisoners. This creates a vicious circle where men desperate to escape to even slightly less miserable circumstances will give rumours, allegations, or even baseless fiction as evidence, earning unaffiliated or inactive prisoners active gang member status. They in turn can only get out of isolation by debriefing on gang activities or members of which or whom they may know nothing, a situation which clearly induces false accusations.
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Three banners were hung in Montreal in solidarity with the 14 anarchists in Chile and the hungerstrike since February 21st. In addition, hundreds of fliers were scattered at each banner drop with info about their situation. These are images of the banners and the text from the fliers.
Solidarity from Montreal.

Text from the flier:

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La Révolte Grecque (The Greek Revolt, sous-titres en français)
Pendant que le gouvernement de la Grèce implémente des mesures d’austérité suivant les plans de sauvetage de l’Union Européenne et du Fond Monétaire International, de larges manifestations anti-austérité continuent de se répandre partout en Grèce.
The Greek Revolt (french subs)
While the government of Greece implements austerity measures following European Union and IMF bailouts, large anti-austerity protests continue to spread across Greece.


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