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Dans la soirée du mercredi 9 avril. 3 guichets de banques à Seattle ont eu leurs fentes scellés. Cela a été fait en solidarité avec ceux en grève de la faim à la Northwest Detention et pour Amélie, Fallon et Carlos.

-des anarchistes

Apr 122014

from pugetsoundanarchists

During the evening of Wednesday April 9th. 3 Bank atms in Seattle had their credit card slots sealed shut. This was done in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the Northwest Detention and for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos.

- Some Anarchists

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vidéo en anglais (avec sous-titres en espagnol)

Le 11 août 2013, environ 100 migrants et leurs soutiens sont descendus dans la rue en direction du centre de rétention pour migrants de Laval juste à l’extérieur de Montréal, pour dénoncer la pratique du gouvernement canadien d’enfermer et d’expulser les personnes sans statut. La manifestation a été organisée en collaboration avec la Journée de la justice pour les prisonniers, qui a lieu chaque année le 10 août pour commémorer les vies de ceux qui luttent et meurent derrière les barreaux, et de réaffirmer l’engagement des personnes pour la suppression des prisons. Des gens sont venus en bus, d’autres à vélo, et quand ils sont arrivés, ils étaient déterminés à faire suffisamment de bruit pour que les migrants à l’intérieur du centre de rétention puissent entendre leur message.
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from Montréal mediacoop

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Camera: Aaron Lakoff and Otto Buxton

On August 11, 2013, around 100 migrants and their supporters descended on the Laval immigration detention centre just outside of Montreal, to denounce the Canadian government’s practice of locking up and deporting non-status people. The demonstration was held in conjunction with Prisoner Justice Day, which is marked every year on August 10 to commemorate the lives of those who struggle and die behind bars, and to reaffirm people’s commitment to abolishing jails. Some people came by bus, and others came on bike, and when they arrived, they were determined to make enough noise so that migrants inside the detention centre could hear their message.
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On Tuesday Sept 27th anarchists held a 40 person solidarity gathering in downtown Montreal in response to recent deportations and detentions of non-status migrants in Montreal. A short march was held from the Quartier des Spectacles to Berri Square under the banner “Vive la solidarité avec les sans papiers, Sabotons la machine à expulser (Long live solidarity with undocumented immigrants, sabotage the deportation machine)” and thousands of fliers were distributed. Due to the intervention of the SPVM’s riot squad the march was briefly disrupted and forced to the sidewarlk, but retook the streets and ended at its intended destination, dispersing without arrests.

the flier:

4:30pm, Tuesday, September 27
Place des Arts Metro, Jeanne-Mance Between St. Catherine and Maisonneuve

In the last few days immigration officials have once again come into the homes of people who don’t have the right papers and taken them away. This is something that happens every day to people all over this country.

We’re sick and tired of our lovers, friends, and neighbours being stolen from us. No one should have to live in such a precarious state, not knowing when or if they will be ripped from their homes and separated from their loved ones. We’re sick and tired of racist immigration bureaucrats deciding the fates of others and sending them back to situations that could mean death, abuse, and torture. We’re sick of the courts that force people to justify their right to exist within arbitrary lines drawn by the state. We’re sick of the ongoing raids, the police harassment, and the border itself.

In the longstanding climate of repression towards those resisting this system or those just trying to survive it, the government is trying to pass a bill that will put more people in prisons and detention centres, more cops on our streets, and more folks on the road with deportation orders in hand. And while we’re not surprised, we’re still angry.

We’re gathering at Place des Arts Metro, Jeanne-Mance between St. Catherine and Maisonneuve.
We’re bringing banners, fliers, noise-makers and our anger and frustration. We’d love it if you’d join us.

Who is organizing this demo? Some of us are involved in supporting people who are trying to survive the immigration system, some of us are trying to get through it ourselves. All of us are anarchists who want an end to a system that tries to dominate and exploit us by brutally controlling the movement of people while promoting the movement of capital.

Controversial hip-hop duo, Test Their Logik, released their newest music video; “No One is Illegal” today to commemorate so-called Canada Day.  The music video, directed and produced by film-maker Amy Miller of “Wide Open Exposure”, takes a strong stand against Canadian nationalism.  Demanding the abolition of all borders while calling attention to Canada’s current system of exploiting migrant labour for its own economic gain. The song’s lyrics unravel the root causes of immigration while pointing out the genocidal and colonial underpinnings of the Canadian state.
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Quelques photos de la marche d’aujourdhui à Montréal…
A few pictures from today’s march in Montreal…

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La Révolte Grecque (The Greek Revolt, sous-titres en français)
Pendant que le gouvernement de la Grèce implémente des mesures d’austérité suivant les plans de sauvetage de l’Union Européenne et du Fond Monétaire International, de larges manifestations anti-austérité continuent de se répandre partout en Grèce.
The Greek Revolt (french subs)
While the government of Greece implements austerity measures following European Union and IMF bailouts, large anti-austerity protests continue to spread across Greece.

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