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On the morning of April 8th, 8 train lines running through Montreal were blocked by disrupting the rail signals.

This action was done in response to ongoing efforts of colonization and repression by the state against indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Colonization and its enforcers are responsible for the missing and murdered indigenous women who have lost their lives as a result of this racist, imperialist society. This action was done in solidarity with recent and ongoing efforts of different communities to honor the lives of these women and to disable the capacity of their assassins.

Rebels, indigenous folk and workers alike have targeted the train lines as an apt means for disrupting the flow of capital and these systems of domination. Historically and presently the railways have acted as a necessary toll for imperialism and colonization.

CN has chosen to build its infrastructure across indigenous territory as another act of stealing land from autonomous communities.

As anarchists we are invested in contributing to an active disruption of domination and state power.

Strength and love to those facing ongoing repression for their actions, and to the families and loved ones of those lost in this war.

Some anarchists

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from anarchistnews

On the 9th of January, we answered a call for solidarity with stolen anarchist comrades in Mexico City, Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pelletier and Carlos López Mart. We crept up to a HSBC bank on East Hastings, in occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC), and lit an incendiary device in the ATM area causing a massive fire ball. HSBC is a symbol of capitalism, oppression and domination. So it’s a perfect target for our rage.

This also comes in a time where Canada’s justice minister Peter Mackay is warning activists to not commit illegal actions toward stopping the pipelines. Mackay you can shove your warnings up your fucking ass. The state’s and corporations dreams of massive resource extraction will go up in flames of revolt from the streets to late night sabotage and destruction. The need for freedom, anarchy and liberation will destroy this colonial state. Our acts of sabotage are uncontrollable, strategic and successful. This attack on HSBC is only the beginning of sabotage the will and is occurring. We are also in solidarity with Miq’maq warriors and other protesters still facing charges and harassment by the RCMP pigs and the Canadian state from anti-fracking protests in Elsipogtog.


November 14 – Today, a few kilometers north of Elsipogtog on unceded Mi’kmaq land, a crowd of about a hundred people blocked Highway 11 to prevent SWN trucks to continue with its seismic tests for future fracking.
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from anarchistnews

Early morning, on Wednesday November 6th a Royal Bank Of Canada had all 2 of their ATMs smashed and 4 of their windows. This was an easy target as it was far on East Hastings in Burnaby. The RBC was attacked because they help fund the most destructive project on earth, the Alberta Tar Sands.
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With some of the only video from behind police lines, witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment. But the fierce response of the community in defense of the warriors was also captured on camera. We bring you the real story about what really went down on Highway 134, the story that the corporate media doesn’t want you to see.

Showdown at highway 134

gathered from various sources

Early this morning, October 17, dozens of heavily armed RCMP officers some in camouflage army fatigues (tactical units), with dogs and assault rifles drawn, moved in to raid the anti-fracking blockade, held mostly by Mi’kmaq Warriors and Acadian settlers from the region, that was keeping Houston-based SWNs’ equipment from moving since September 30.
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Since September 30, a barricade has been erected on Route 134 in New Brunswick, blocking access to an Irving compound where SWN Resources is keeping seismic testing equipment used for shale gas exploration in the area. The RCMP stationed itself with barriers on both sides of the barricade which is held mostly by Mi’kmaq Warriors with people from surrounding communities.

SWN Resources Canada obtained an injunction against the blockade on October 3 and the RCMP put the site on lockdown the same evening alleging a call on social media for people to come defend the barricade with arms.

As of writing the standoff is still ongoing.

see also Halifax mediacoop

pic from Halifax mediacoop

from paismapuche and chileboliviawalmapu via anarchistnews

A new death has plunged the Mapuche nation into mourning this Tuesday, 6 August, with the confirmation of the murder of Rodrigo Elicer Melinao Licán, member of the community Rayen Mapu of Lof Lolokos in Ercilla, who was persecuted by the Chilean state and business interests in Wallmapu.
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gathered from Halifax mediacoop and various online sources, pictures from Halifax mediacoop

In New Brunswick, a camp has been set up along Hwy 126 by Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq and supporters and various actions have been taking place in the last weeks, like demos, blockades and seizing SWN Resources Canada vehicles to protect the land – unceded Indigenous land – from seismic testing for shale gas deposits.
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from Warrior Publications

by zigZag

Debates arising from the recent Idle No More movement have revealed two main interpretations of what comprises the grassroots. One seeks to exclude band councils, while the other views chiefs & councillors as an integral part of the grassroots, simply by virtue of them being members of the community. Clearly, we need some basic understanding of what constitutes the grassroots in order to advance our movement.
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from País Mapuche
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Mapuche prisoner commits suicide

The month of march started on a sad note with the news that peñi Lorenzo Llevul Antimil committed suicide in prison on march 3rd. He was being accused by the State of being the author of forest fires in Conoco Chico de Chol-Chol sector on january 22nd.

Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community initiates land recuperation process

The Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community of Rucañanko sector, lake Lleu-Lleu, declares:
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translated from spanish by sabotagemedia
from País Mapuche

This morning police special forces entered the XAPILWE community firing teargas and rubber bullets to the houses. The comuneros were working in their gardens, when they noticed the strong contingent of militarized police, without exhibiting any warrant, stormed the houses, breaking doors, furniture and objects, with no explanation of the reason for their violent actions, simply searching everything, surely “looking for” evidence incriminating the youth in the area. THEY WERE ABLE TO SEARCH THREE HOUSES, until the community weichafe [Mapuche warriors] noticing the attack, came together to deal with the repression, producing heavy clashes for about half an hour, until they succeeded in expelling the repressive forces.
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translated from spanish by sabotagemedia
from Liberación Total


The Coordinadora Mapuche Arauco Malleco communicates to the Mapuche People Nation, to the families of the young workers who died and to the general public the following:
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translated from spanish by sabotagemedia
from Liberacón Total

It’s been 4 years since we heard the shocking call by weichafe [Mapuche warrior] defending the body of comrade Matías, after being gunned down by a bastard. Matías and his compañeros were recovering ancestral land usurped by the anti-Mapuche Luchsinger family landlords.

Matías a young libertarian moved to Araucanía in search of his origins and called by his deep respect for nature, decided to take part in the direct struggle for self-determination and autonomy of the Mapuche people, at war with the $hilean state.
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