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The Órganos de Resistencia Lafkenche [Lafkenche Bodies of Resistance] declare to the Mapuche people and to the national and international public opinion the following:
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Dec 152011

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On the evening of December 8th, 2011 the office windows of conservative mp Stephen Woodworth, in kitchener-centre were decorated with paint-bombs! This action was done in solidarity with the indigenous community of ATTAWAPISKAT. This community like many other indigenous communities on turtle island are living in third world conditions, while the Harper regime spends millions on surveillance and infiltration of native groups and their allies. There seems to be a trend of bullshit responses from the Harper regime. Manitoba reserves ask for help with the swine-flu outbreak, you send body bags. Attawapiskat asks for help with their housing crisis and you send a 20th century “Indian Agent”. Fuck You Harper. This is just the beginning, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Turtle Island Peoples Initiative

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from País Mapuche


The Autonomous Mapuche Temucuicui, with new and violent intervention by the Chilean state’s repressive forces in Temucuicui Territory, report to local, national and international public opinion the following:

1. Today around 06:30 am, a huge contingent of police, heavily armed entered the territory of Temucuicui, firing indiscriminately to all who ran not knowing what was happening and why they were entering the community.

2. Police ruthlessly entered several houses destroying everything in their path, throwing tear gas no matter that children were sleeping inside. Among the houses raided is the family of the Werken of the Temucuicui Traditional Community, Mijael Carbone Queipu. We also sympathize with the families raided by the police procedure.

3. Our Community categorically rejects this new incursion of the police which is an attempt against the lives of all who live in the territory of Temucuicui.

4. We strongly tell the Chilean state, that we will not allow them to continue their repressive policy toward the Mapuche people. The Mapuche communities have the full right to defend ourselves by any means from these attacks which are committed in our own territory, thus before other interventions the communities will react in the same way as the police have been operating, in order to protect the lives of children, women and elderly of the Temucuicui territory.

Temucuicui Autonomous Community
Saturday November 26

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The Órganos de Resistencia Territorial Lleulleuche de la Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (ORT – CAM) communicate to our Mapuche people AND to the national and international public opinion the following:

1- We claim the action occurred Wednesday the 16th of November in which was attacked and destroyed a Mininco forestry and police control post, found at the border of the Eight and Ninth regions, Mahuilque sector, Relún road corresponding to the Choke fundo.

2- In the same operation a forestry guards truck was completely destroyed and also destroyed was the Mahuilque bridge, sabotaging the the production and extraction of wood.

3- With this action we denounce the collusion between the police and the forestry companies in robbing our WallMapu. In this way we leave as evident the militarization of the zone opening the road for capitalist forestry and mining investments in the Mahuilque Lleu-Lleu sector.

4- We reafirm our compromise against all capitalist investments in our territory. We will continue to confront and sabotage their intrests while they occupy our territory.

With our heroes Leftraru, Pelantaru, Lemún, Catrileo, Collío and others, we continue forward toward Mapuche National Liberation.

No to the mine at Lleu-Lleu lake.

Enough of the militarization in our communities.

ORT-CAM Lleulleuche

Release: Pacific Trails Pipeline Evicted by Unist’ot’en and Likhts’amisyu

November 15, 2011 – Setting up a road blockade with signs “Road Closed to Pacific Trails Pipeline Drillers”, an alliance of the Unist’ot’en and the Likhts’amisyu of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have evicted and escorted out Pacific Trails Pipeline drillers and their equipment.

According to Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief Toghestiy, “We evicted Pacific Trails Pipeline drillers from our territory this weekend. The drillers in one vehicle actually cheered for our blockade and one driller told us ; Nobody wants to see any pipelines in the North – especially one that operates as dirty as this one. Have a good day guys and good luck.’”

“Pacific Trails Pipeline had moved in equipment to do directional drilling around Gosnell River where our salmon spawn. Their exploratory drilling and whole pipeline proposal will spell certain disaster in the Peace River area. We have to protect our sensitive aquifers from the destruction of pipelines – from the Alberta Tar Sands to our side of the Rocky Mountains. You cannot make compromises with the life-sustaining force of water” continues Toghestiy.

Kloum Khun, a Likhts’amisyu hereditary Chief who also participated in the blockade, said: “We had a sign that said ‘No Pipelines’ and pointed it out to the drillers. We told them to take out all their equipment from our territory.”
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Please post and send out widely. Thank you.
MNN. August 9, 2011.

People and animals don’t live or breed well in captivity, unless they think they are free. Indigenous had mental, physical and spiritual freedoms. Europeans were born into cages, conditioned to be obedient to their masters. They can’t see the horror of their slavery because it is too painful to look at directly. Europeans have tried to bring everybody else into the cage with them. We can only be kept in cages we refuse to see. To see the cage is to leave it.

Indigenous could not be enslaved. A man whose mind is free cannot be controlled. The most that can be done is to kill them.
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Indigenous Anticapitalist Network

Assembly of First Nations Chief Shawn Atleo tries to convince First Nations chiefs to”support his blueprint for radically altering, structurally and politically, the relationship between First Nations and the federal government” by meeting with Stephen Harper. As Indigenous people whose lives are directly threatened by the Atleo/Harper agenda, we resist this subversive attack on our land and our communities, and this attempt to sell out our resistance.

We face extreme poverty, the extermination of our way of life and the continuing loss of our land to occupation by illegal governments and corporations. These are the real and present threats to our children and the generations coming after us. All of us who hear with our hearts know that the only way to reclaim ourselves and our land is to resist these monsters and their consuming greed.
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Political prisoner, Native American and American Indian Movement activist, Leonard Peltier who has been locked up for the last 35 years has been put in solitary confinement since june 27th, a day after releasing the following statement:
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To the Mapuche nation, to the Chilean and international society: the resistance of Pilmaiquen communities report the following:

1 .- After the massive march on Friday June 24th, the Lof – Che in resistance and defense of the territory of the Pilmaiquen river and sacred Huilliche-Mapuche sites, reaffirm our unwavering decision to not allow any intervention by the Pilmaiquen SA company against religious and ceremonial site known as the dwelling of “Ngen Mapu Kintuante”. We make it clear that we will not negotiate under any form of pressure.

2 .- We assume as communities in resistance that we the Mapuche havent created this conflict, but it is the Pilmaiquen SA company protected by the Chilean state institutions who have come to agress us in our territory, to plunder our natural resources and destroy our ancient sacred spaces, that is what is called “state terrorism”. Us Huilliche assume the struggle of our Mapuche Nation’s historical resistance against invasion, death and dispossession.

3 .- We declare our resistance as a struggle for life and for all humanity, that as Mapuche we defend the right to water; vital and indispensable resource for future generations, that man can enjoy and preserve this resource in harmony with the environment and not destroy the rivers and their surrounding, which thus is accelerating global warming and increasing natural disasters as a result of the greed of a few powerful in the unconscious exploitation against nature.

4 .- We strongly call upon our Mapuche brothers and sisters to continue joining the resistance of Pilmaiquen and to the conscious of the Chilean people to create support networks to defend the territory, water and life as “a people that oppresses another people can not be free “…

In defense of Ngen Mapu Kintuante

For the defense and reconstruction of the Mapuche territory

No to the Hydroelectric Plants on Pilmaiquen River

Ten Times We Shall Overcome!!!



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Controversial hip-hop duo, Test Their Logik, released their newest music video; “No One is Illegal” today to commemorate so-called Canada Day.  The music video, directed and produced by film-maker Amy Miller of “Wide Open Exposure”, takes a strong stand against Canadian nationalism.  Demanding the abolition of all borders while calling attention to Canada’s current system of exploiting migrant labour for its own economic gain. The song’s lyrics unravel the root causes of immigration while pointing out the genocidal and colonial underpinnings of the Canadian state.
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In Peru while the mafias in power planned the announcement of the upcoming release of the former corrupt dictator Alberto Fujimori – jailed since 2007 for human rights abuses and embezzlement during his presidency and who was serving a sentence of 25 years imprisonment without possibility of release under Peruvian law – and paving the way with new deals between the parties for them to continue governing with impunity despite the charges against them; the Aymara people, continued its struggle for the defense of the land and their livelihoods of wich its water sources, accusing the Canadian mining company of Bear Creek mining Co. of causing their deterioration.
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According to the mercenary forces of the destroyers of life (police), the action occurred at about 00:30 am Wednesday June 1, where a group of hooded attacked and burned a truck that servicing the Mininco Forestry Company – subsidiary of CMPC, second largest company in $hile – at 10km between Labranza and Temuco ($hile). They stopped the truck loaded with logs and forced the driver out to then set the machine on fire, shouting Mapuche slogans and leaving flyers calling for the immediate release of Mapuche political prisoners carrying more than 80 days of Hunger Strike in the Angol Prison.

The action was signed by the “Órgano de Resistencia de la Coordinadora Arauco-Malleco”.


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Peruvian Aymara campesinos are radicalizing their measures to protect the land against mining concessions by the “progressive” APRA government to Bear Creek Mining Corp, another of many Canadian mining mafias operating in Latin America. Reports claim president Alan García has called on the army to break the strike which the campesinos have held in three provinces and a blockade since May 9th on the main highway joining Bolivia and Peru, halting import/export between both countries and costing millions of dirty $$. Today campesinos have answered by burning down public and private institutions in the Puno region. Main crook Alan García has inanely declared “In Peru you can’t just say there will never be a mine in all this area, thats nonsense. The soil of Peru belongs to all Peruvians. It’s not just because someone lives on it that they own it”.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Barriere Lake Algonquin affirm opposition to mine during Montreal company meeting: threat of mining on their land exposes failure of Quebec’s Mining Act
Montreal /– Today, community members from the Algonquin First Nation of Barriere Lake traveled to Montreal to attend the annual general meeting of Val-D’Or-based Cartier Resources Inc., where they affirmed that the overwhelming majority of their First Nation is opposed to the company’s Rivière Doré copper mining project moving forward on their traditional territory. A solidarity demonstration will happen outside of the shareholders meeting at 11:30 am at Dorchester Square, the corner of Peel and Rene-Levesque.
The Canadian transnational First Majestic has already begun exploiting the sacred area Wixaritari. This represents an unprecedented drive to the culture of our continent. Accomplices are the state PRI government of San Luis Potosi and PAN federal government who have ignored the culture of a people who are respected worldwide for his great wisdom and culture. This is a fact that can not be tolerated. Openly express our contempt for these three instances, and will not stop the sabotage and the fight against these murderers looters.
A few months Wixaritari community (Huichol) received the news that Wirikuta, the most important sacred sites around Real de Catorce in the state of San Luis Potosi, has been contracted to a Canadian company for a silver mine – despite the fact that the site is within a cultural and natural reserve protected by national and state laws Wixarika by tradition and by the presence of about 16 endangered species. The news was greeted with disbelief.
“What we are planning signifies the destruction of our culture,” said Rodolfo Cosio, one of the young wixaritaris. “It’s like a spiritual death for us.”
At the heart of Wirikuta is Reuu’nax + (pronounced approximately Leu’unarr) or Cerro Quemado, the place where the sun was born after the Wixarika worldview. Here is more sacred spring “… for the ancestors passed around when the world was …” where they are required to hold ceremonies every year. Here in this desert is where the sacred hikuri collected using for your prayers and ceremonies. And here is the site of the next battle for natural resources here in Mexico, because Wixaritari are unwilling to let her be profaned ceremonial site without a fight. Struggle that we join in and invite the community aware of what this means to demonstrate actively to defend the dignity of indigenous peoples.
Join the international campaign to denounce this irresponsible group of criminals to be tried in international courts for their crimes. SAVE Wirikuta.


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