From Toronto Mediacoop

On August 14th 2013, in a courtroom filled with individuals facing charges stemming from Swamp Line 9 and their supporters, some powerful and wild acts of solidarity occurred. As our friends and comrades went up one by one in front of the judge, people expressed their support with hand claps and a few hoots, leading to threats by the judge for us all to be removed from the courtroom. This threat lead to other noises of solidarity (including the clicking of tongues). Apparently these noises posed too much threat to the on-duty pig’s ego and sense of control, at this point I was kicked out of the courtroom. However while attempting to leave I got a cough in my throat, causing me to stop and choke and cuss right there in the courtroom. This reckless cough was definitely too much for the pig and his ego to handle. He grabbed me, pulled me into a room in the back, and accompanied by two other male officers pushed me against a wall, handcuffed me and told me I was under arrest for contempt.
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from Swamp Line 9

(Hamilton, ON) — This afternoon [august 14] Hamilton Police arrested 8 individuals at the Hamilton Court House, in the midst of the Swamp Line 9 Trespassing Hearing.
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Aug 082013

from anarchistnews

With our first and final communication, we are happy to announce that anarchists can finally relegate the divisive doctrine of diversity of tactics to the dustbin of history. This is because we have, through the careful elaboration of revolutionary science, discovered the singular tactic whose consistent application will finally destroy Western civilization and industrial capitalism.
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