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Jul 122013

from Dark Nights 35 via anarchistnews

A text was recently published called Neither Oblivion nor Ceremony: Against the Cult of the Carrion. I am sure I recognise the tone, the style, and I certainly suspect its origin, but I could be wrong, and for the purposes of discussion, which they hoped they’d spark, I write these lines. Some of the aforementioned text I have some empathy with: I too am sometimes frustrated by the winks and nods, the self- referentialism and the litany of names too numerous for me to remember that accompany actions and communiques. I am frustrated by it because I know how meaningless, how excluding it can be to readers outside certain circles. But I also suspect it arises from a particular meanness in myself, and a particular moment in my life where I feel alienated from nearly everything. And it is a peculiar meanness and miserliness, in Against the Cult of the Carrion that I cannot help but want to brush off, as if I had suddenly entered a dark and ugly attic and was covered in cobwebs, exoskeletons and dust. Every so often it seems, from the shadows that they say they love, come the squeaking wails of these protestant mice, preaching silence and greyness whilst crying out, Remember us! And so even though there were points that perhaps under different circumstances I would agree with, and think worthy of discussion, this latest exhortation from the authors is the dreariest and rudest of all, repels me and forces me to reconsider.
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« Il me semblerait plus satisfaisant, pour ma part, puisqu’il s’agit d’hommes qui se sont illustrés par des actes, qu’on ne les honorât qu’avec des actes. »
Thucydide, Histoire de la guerre du Péloponnèse, 411 avant l’ère chrétienne.

Il est dangereux de déclarer la guerre à l’Etat et à ce monde, car il ne sait faire que deux choses : progresser, et combattre tout ce qui pourrait détruire, affaiblir ou empêcher sa progression. En tant qu’anarchistes, et nous entendons par là révolutionnaires, nous sommes conscients de nos choix et des responsabilités qui en découlent. Lorsque nous disons révolutionnaires, nous ne parlons pas d’une quelconque croyance en un monde parfait et serein, ni à la chimérique croyance en la possibilité de voir advenir une quelconque révolution anti-autoritaire totale telle que nous pouvons la rêver dans nos envolées masturbatoires, de notre vivant ou non. Nous parlons d’une tension permanente vers l’approfondissent d’un processus de rupture avec le pouvoir et ses institutions, par le biais de la critique radicale et de la destruction.
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“It seems more satisfactory, for me, seeing that it is about men who have been distinguished for their actions, than to honor them only with actions.”
Thucydides, History of the Peloponesian War, 411 BC

It is dangerous to declare war against the State and this world, because the State only knows how to do two things : progress, and combat everyone who would destroy it, weaken it, or impede its progress. As such, anarchists, by which we mean revolutionaries, are conscious of our decisions and of the responsibilities that derive from them. When we say revolutionaries, we are not speaking of any belief in a perfect and peaceful world, nor in the chimeric belief in the possibility of seeing the arrival of some total anti-authoritarian revolution which we can only dream of in our mental masturbation, in our lifetime or not. We are speaking of a permanent tension toward the deepening of a process of rupture with power and its institutions, through radical critique and destruction.
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