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Precautionary measures are revoked for Alessandro Settepani, Giuseppe Loturco, Elisa di Bernardo and Stefano Fosco.

Waiting for update on Sergio Maria Stefani.

Cassa di Solidarietà Aracnide

According to the police spokespeople – commonly called media – 15 people were arrested in Gatineau on the night of March 21-22, after a confrontation with the cops arriving at the scenes of a party on Marengère street. They eventually received volleys of bottles, chairs and other projectiles. The SPVG had to call the SQ for reinforcements.

The 15 people will likely face charges of public disorder and some assault. It is not clear whether a child who was on the premises was handed over to the DPJ or a family member due to the mother being arrested.

Selon les porte-paroles de la police – communément appelés médias – 15 personnes ont été arrêtées à Gatineau dans la nuit du 21-22 mars suite à un affrontement avec les flics. Ces derniers seraient arrivés sur les lieux d’une fête sur la rue Marengère où ils finirent par recevoir des volées de bouteilles, de chaises et autres projectiles. La SPVG a dû appeler la SQ en renfort.

Les 15 personnes feront vraisemblablement face à des accusations de désordre publique et certaines de voies de fait. Il n’est pas clair si un enfant qui se trouvait sur les lieux fut confié à la DPJ où a des membres de sa famille vue l’arrestation de sa mère.

repris de Contra Info

Action Incendiaire : mémoire et solidarité combative dans la lutte contre toute autorité.

Aujourd’hui nous avons voulu interrompre, même pour quelques instants, la sombre normalité de cet ordre de mort. La nuit du 20 mars nous avons coupé la rue avec des conteneurs incendiaires au croisement de l’Avenue Amerigo Vespucci et de l’Avenue Industria (zone sud de la ville de Santiago), en lançant de pamphlets avec nos idées de lutte, mémoire et solidarité. Ce petit geste est rempli d’amour et de haine.
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repris de Contra Info

Ceci est un appel à une semaine de solidarité avec les anarchistes du Mexique confrontés à la répression, qu’ils soient enfermés derrière les barreaux des cellules de prison ou en clandestinité pour rester à l’air libre.
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from Instinto Salvaje

This is a call for international solidarity with anarchists in Mexico facing repression, whether they are stuck behind the iron bars of prison cells or hiding out for their freedom.
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repris de Lucioles

Samedi 1er mars 2014 s’est tenu un rassemblement appelé à 15h au métro Belleville contre l’occupation policière de nos vies. Avant le rassemblement, des commerçants avaient été mis en garde par la mairie que des « casseurs » seraient présents dans le quartier, certains ont donc fermé leurs stores plus tôt que prévu, d’autres se sont payés des vigiles pour l’occasion. On apprenait quelques jours plus tôt dans la presse qu’un faux communiqué de la mairie de Paris annonçait un état de siège (voir ici). Aussi, depuis plusieurs heures, le quartier était quadrillé comme jamais : des dizaines et des dizaines de cars et bus de CRS et gendarmes mobiles, des voitures de flics, une cité assiégée, des flics sur les toits, une caméra boule installée pour l’occasion sur le toit du siège de la CFDT (donc avec sa collaboration), la station de métro Belleville fermée, plusieurs dizaines de civils, plusieurs dizaines de RG, des journalistes (présents à Belleville depuis jeudi pour certains), etc.
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from Contra Info

Today, January 20th, 2014, comrade Mario López was arrested upon his weekly appearance in court for giving his signature as part of the conditions imposed for his conditional release. Primarily, he was informed that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic required his detention by order of presentation, to ask him questions in relation to an ongoing investigation. After the interrogation, he was notified that he would be sent to custody following an arrest warrant for violation of the federal law of firearms and explosives, concerning the events of June 27th, 2012. He was transferred to the Reclusorio Oriente, Eastern Penitentiary of the Mexico City. We have no further information as of yet.

Mario’s arrest occurred in the context of an anti-anarchist hunt unleashed by the Mexican government. No doubt, now that they have arrested the comrade, they will try to press more charges against him. Persecution against anarchism continues; this is why it is more important than ever to strengthen solidarity.

Freedom for Mario López!
Freedom for all anarchist prisoners!
Neither guilty nor innocent; solidarity!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

from Contra Info I, II

A few hours ago, comrade Gustavo, missing since December 29th, communicated with his close ones. He briefly explained that he was detained by federal agents and submitted to harsh interrogations. Gustavo commented that he was beaten up, and after some hours he was deported to the United States, because they were unable to charge him with anything.
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from anarchistnews

Recently, we paid a visit to the parking lot of the Ministry of Public Security of Quebec at 600 Fullum, and doused their official vehicles with paint stripper and slashed the tires.

The Ministry of Public Security of Quebec is responsible for, among other things, overseeing the municipal and provincial police and provincial prisons. Ultimately, it is the ministry that is responsible for all aspects of the conditions of imprisonment in Quebec – from the conduct of the police to the items available in canteen.

As we write this, there are two ongoing shows of resistance to the prison system in Canada. One is a hunger strike undertaken by detained immigrants in Ontario who are not accused of any crime, but are detained awaiting deportation proceedings. Their demands include better treatment and an end to detention of immigrants without criminal charges. The hunger strike is now in its fifth week.

The second is a work strike in many federal prisons across the country to protest the recent 30% pay cut for all federal prisoners. The government justifies the pay cut by claiming they are taking room and board from the prisoners. Not only do prisoners already have to work to maintain their own prisons but they will now have to pay to be imprisoned. This pay cut is part of a broader trend in which prisoners face worsening conditions – from longer sentences, stricter parole, double-bunking, and fewer programs in prison.

Solidarity to prisoners in struggle; for an end to all prisons and police.
And to Youri and Guillaume, G20 prisoners, in Bordeaux provincial prison in Montreal.

gathered from various sources

Early this morning, October 17, dozens of heavily armed RCMP officers some in camouflage army fatigues (tactical units), with dogs and assault rifles drawn, moved in to raid the anti-fracking blockade, held mostly by Mi’kmaq Warriors and Acadian settlers from the region, that was keeping Houston-based SWNs’ equipment from moving since September 30.
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from CLAC
translated from french by sabotagemedia

Montreal, October 4, 2013 – Today at the Montreal courthouse, Guillaume Constantineau and Yuri Couture, two comrades from St. Jerome (near Montreal) pleaded guilty to three charges relating to their participation in the historical mobilizations against the G20 summit in Toronto, the 25, 26 and 27 June 2010. Both will serve six months of imprisonment, starting today, in a provincial jail in the Montreal area (Bordeaux).

Under an agreement reached at the end of plea negotiations between defendants and prosecutors in Toronto, the case of the two accused was transferred to Quebec, sentenced today in Montreal by judge Marc David, and will be served in Quebec. It is also agreed that no period of probation will be imposed following the imprisonment.

In addition, in exchange for a guilty plea on three counts (assault with a weapon on a police officer, possession of a weapon and mischief over $5000 ), the Crown agreed to drop all other charges filed against Yuri and Guillaume (four counts each).

to write to them (address may change):

Guillaume Constantineau
No. PAV078829-13, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7

Youri Couture
No. DRM510047-10, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7

Since September 30, a barricade has been erected on Route 134 in New Brunswick, blocking access to an Irving compound where SWN Resources is keeping seismic testing equipment used for shale gas exploration in the area. The RCMP stationed itself with barriers on both sides of the barricade which is held mostly by Mi’kmaq Warriors with people from surrounding communities.

SWN Resources Canada obtained an injunction against the blockade on October 3 and the RCMP put the site on lockdown the same evening alleging a call on social media for people to come defend the barricade with arms.

As of writing the standoff is still ongoing.

see also Halifax mediacoop

pic from Halifax mediacoop

From 325

A statement written by Jeremy Hammond for the Barrett Brown/Jeremy Hammond fundraiser held at ThoughtWorks NYC 19/08/2013

Rebel greeting!

I hope this evening finds you all in the best of health and highest of spirit.
Thanks for coming out to show support for me and Barrett Brown.

I want to shout out to all my brothers and sisters locked down, here at New York Metropolitan Correctional Center, at Brooklyn MDC, at Rikers Island, in the Tombs, at Cook County Jail in Chicago, and to all those on hunger strikes in California prisons and Guantanamo Bay.
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From Toronto Mediacoop

On August 14th 2013, in a courtroom filled with individuals facing charges stemming from Swamp Line 9 and their supporters, some powerful and wild acts of solidarity occurred. As our friends and comrades went up one by one in front of the judge, people expressed their support with hand claps and a few hoots, leading to threats by the judge for us all to be removed from the courtroom. This threat lead to other noises of solidarity (including the clicking of tongues). Apparently these noises posed too much threat to the on-duty pig’s ego and sense of control, at this point I was kicked out of the courtroom. However while attempting to leave I got a cough in my throat, causing me to stop and choke and cuss right there in the courtroom. This reckless cough was definitely too much for the pig and his ego to handle. He grabbed me, pulled me into a room in the back, and accompanied by two other male officers pushed me against a wall, handcuffed me and told me I was under arrest for contempt.
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