According to the police spokespeople – commonly called media – 15 people were arrested in Gatineau on the night of March 21-22, after a confrontation with the cops arriving at the scenes of a party on Marengère street. They eventually received volleys of bottles, chairs and other projectiles. The SPVG had to call the SQ for reinforcements.

The 15 people will likely face charges of public disorder and some assault. It is not clear whether a child who was on the premises was handed over to the DPJ or a family member due to the mother being arrested.

from War On Society

During the protests against the energy reform, anarchist cells attacked the police in the nation’s capital.
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Riot in Blainville

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Aug 252013

The media have reported that a riot erupted Saturday night, august 17 in Blainville, north of Montreal, when cops tried to disperse people gathered in Maurice-Tessier park after a concert organized by the municipality.

They report that a crowd of a few hundred youths confronted the cops with rocks and bottles and overturned a police cruiser before trying to set it on fire.

SQ and cops from neighboring municipalities were called in for reinforcements. The crowd dispersed towards 2am.

18 arrests were made, some of whom will face charges of mischief, arson and participating in a riot.

Cops have declared that they believe social media to be the cause for the riot and that they are relying on images posted on social media in the ongoing investigation.

a summary of the events from February 25 to March 5

“social peace is behind us” banner in response to
the government repeating that “the social crisis is behind us”

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from liberación total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

pics here

Hundreds of people gathered at 7pm in the center of Santiago, to march from the Alameda by Paseo Ahumada to Plaza de Armas. This as part of the fifth commemoration in memory of Matías Catrileo.
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On December 1st heavy street battles and property destruction welcomed Mexico’s new president. Riots lasted about 7 hours in downtown Mexico city during which police, banks, businesses and monuments were attacked and police barricades outside the presidential inauguration were stormed by people, many encapuchdxs [hooded ones], wielding molotovs, stones, sticks, metal bars etc…

Early during the day there were reports of a youth being killed by a plastic bullet but was then changed in the media to a youth in coma, loosing an eye and receiving facial reconstruction. There’s also reports of dozens of protesters injured and many cops with burns and fractures.

At the moment of writing this, 69 people, 11 women and 58 men, have been sent to the cages of the State.

some videos here and here

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light it up!
Texts, communiqués, and reportbacks primarily from Montreal…
moments of revolt that warm the heart…

“The moment where we take back our lives, where we free ourselves from morality, fear, and the identities imposed on us. It cannot be stopped by a negotiation table, nor a ballot box. It isn’t the beginning of a movement nor will it die with a movement: It is to be alive, free, and wild!”

This issue is for all those who have weathered repression this last year.
For all the strong hearts willing to put their freedom on the line.

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from Liberación Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Yesterday, June 28, in Santiago as in cities across the country, was held one of the many marches that have happened lately by students demanding free education in $hile.

The vast majority of demos that took place this year have not been allowed to pass through the Alameda, the capital’s main avenue. Rather they were directed to areas where there were few businesses and where police repression was easier.

During the demo, clashes with police lasted nearly four hours, during which were destroyed much of the road signs, TranSantiago bus stops and traffic signals. Banks and Claro telephone branches were attacked and two pharmacies were looted.
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An update on recent events in the uprising from the usurped and raped land we call Quebec.
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Montreal, May 22nd

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May 302012

reads: towards the social strike

The monolithic image of unshakable social peace in this shit country is shattered like the windows of an SSPVM copcar. The joy experienced in the defiance and confrontation with the panicking State, repeating every day now on all its platforms that “in democracy the polling booths decide, not the street.”. In other words, choose your dictatorship every once in a while. They are in front of a fire that is spreading, which they are no longer able to control and with which they are beginning to burn themselves.

On May 22nd, the 100th day since the beginning of the student strike, now a popular uprising, before threats from the Police State with its special laws and sociopathic cops, hundreds of thousands took to the streets.
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Since Friday, May 18th demos are held in several cities of the province, like Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. In Montreal, tens of thousands of people are confronting the Police State defying the new “special law” Bill 78 which requires, among other things, that any gathering of 50 or more people provide its trajectory to the cops 8h ahead and modifies it at their request with fines that can reach tens of thousands of dollars for individuals and up to 125 000$ for groups or organisations.
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Wednesday, May 16, while the state sharpens its knives, demos are taking place in several cities against the extension of the Police State by announcing the preparation of a special law and new municipal regulations* in a desperate attempt to regain control.
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translated from french by sabotagemedia

we receive and transmit

On May 4th, 2012

Charest ran away to Victoriaville with his gang, the big Liberal “Family” as they like to call themselves, but they were quickly caught up with. Thousands of people from all over the province gathered in Victoriaville during the first day of the Quebec Liberal Party’s general council which was going to be held in Montreal, but had been moved at the last minute for fear of the uprising raging there.
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from the street:

Another day of clashes with the cops and attacks on the State and Capital (TD and BMO banks, some stores, Loto-Québec and cop cars) in the ongoing uprising in Montreal.

Thousands of anti-capitalists, many anarchists, but also feminists, communists, striking students and various groups for social justice joined in the street in Montreal. A considerable part of the crowd was masked and dressed in black.
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translated from french by sabotagemedia

On Wednesday evening, April 25, thousands of people (up to 10,000 according to the cops) took the streets from Place Emilie-Gamelin. After one hour into the demonstration, the cops charged on Peel & St. Catherine, throwing shock grenades which broke the demonstration into several groups.
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