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Early morning, on Wednesday November 6th a Royal Bank Of Canada had all 2 of their ATMs smashed and 4 of their windows. This was an easy target as it was far on East Hastings in Burnaby. The RBC was attacked because they help fund the most destructive project on earth, the Alberta Tar Sands.
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Nov 132013

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October 25th, 2013

In Italy, on 30th October, our two brothers, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, are going on trial, accused for the gunshots against a high-profile business executive of a nuclear company. The attack was claimed by the Olga cell-FAI/IRF.
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Recently, we paid a visit to the parking lot of the Ministry of Public Security of Quebec at 600 Fullum, and doused their official vehicles with paint stripper and slashed the tires.

The Ministry of Public Security of Quebec is responsible for, among other things, overseeing the municipal and provincial police and provincial prisons. Ultimately, it is the ministry that is responsible for all aspects of the conditions of imprisonment in Quebec – from the conduct of the police to the items available in canteen.

As we write this, there are two ongoing shows of resistance to the prison system in Canada. One is a hunger strike undertaken by detained immigrants in Ontario who are not accused of any crime, but are detained awaiting deportation proceedings. Their demands include better treatment and an end to detention of immigrants without criminal charges. The hunger strike is now in its fifth week.

The second is a work strike in many federal prisons across the country to protest the recent 30% pay cut for all federal prisoners. The government justifies the pay cut by claiming they are taking room and board from the prisoners. Not only do prisoners already have to work to maintain their own prisons but they will now have to pay to be imprisoned. This pay cut is part of a broader trend in which prisoners face worsening conditions – from longer sentences, stricter parole, double-bunking, and fewer programs in prison.

Solidarity to prisoners in struggle; for an end to all prisons and police.
And to Youri and Guillaume, G20 prisoners, in Bordeaux provincial prison in Montreal.

Nov 062013

from Montréal Counter-info

The site took a break during the summer to focus on creating this bulletin. Inside, you will find news on comrades who face repression, a text explaining revolutionary solidarity, a series of recent solidarity action briefs and a stencil cut-out to reproduce!!! Printed in Montreal, October 2013.

Paper copies available at L’Insoumise, 1407 and La Belle Époque.

English version to read online

Printable version english-french 11″x17″

gathered from various sources

Early this morning, October 17, dozens of heavily armed RCMP officers some in camouflage army fatigues (tactical units), with dogs and assault rifles drawn, moved in to raid the anti-fracking blockade, held mostly by Mi’kmaq Warriors and Acadian settlers from the region, that was keeping Houston-based SWNs’ equipment from moving since September 30.
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A major line of Power was sabotaged. It occurred about a month ago (today is October 3rd 2013), during a pleasant night in the countryside somewhere in eastern Kanada, as all the comfortable slaves were so happily preparing their children to go back to a new level of brainwashing and behavioral social conditioning, with cops now keeping a preying eye upon them at school, so to prepare them for the prison world.
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Certainty is ours!

What surrounds us is suffocating and if one has dignified blood in their veins instead of dirty water one can’t deny this. The democratic regime headed by repugnant Cristina Kirchner, dressed up as progressive and champion of human rights, is beginning to show the other side of the coin. So the appointment of the new minister for security, Alejandro Granados, backed up by drug smuggler Daniel Scioli, only made what many already knew more evident: democracy arrests, tortures, accuses and kills, and in this respects it has nothing to envy to other political regimes.
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from Montreal Counter-Info

In memory of Pavlos Fyssas, a 34 year old anti-fascist rapper who was murdered by a Golden Dawn member in Greece, we spent an evening postering hundreds of anti-fascist posters against Golden Dawn, whose members have opened a chapter in Montreal.

Alerta! Alerta! Anti-Fascista!

Golden Dawn, a far-right Greek political party with open fascist/neo-nazi tendencies has opened a local chapter in Montreal. The first public initiative of this group was to organize a food, clothing, and medicine drive to be distributed to so-called “pure Greeks’’ in need due to the economic hardship across Greece.
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Over the night of September 5, we broke the window of the office of Carole Poirier, Partie Québécois representative in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. With an extinguisher filled with paint (sprayed into the broken window) the interior of Carole’s office was completely covered. Walls, carpet, computers, everything. On the outside wall, “FUCK LA PROPRIÉTÉ PRIVÉE – GRÈVE DES LOYERS” was written. This action was done in solidarity with those being evicted from the Moreau lofts, and as a fuck you to politicians who all work hand in hand with landlords to render the neighbourhood sterilized and policed.

sabotagemedia receives and transmits

Monday September 9th, at 6 pm
Metro Prefontaine

On the morning of Friday, Sept 6th, the people occupying the lot next to the Moreau lofts were evicted by the Montreal police, acting on the landlord`s request. The lot, also belonging to the same landlord, was squatted to denounce the eviction of the hundred or so people living in the lofts of 2019 Moreau street. The city had ordered the eviction after safety inspectors judged the building to be dangerous for its occupants.

The building has been unsafe for twenty years while the landlord has allowed the situation to deteriorate. But now that the neighborhood is becoming hip and its no longer just poor people living in it, the situation has changed. That`s why the landlord announced that, after the eviction of the renters, he had the intention to renovate the lofts and to put them up for rent, but this time much more expensive. The mayor of the burrow, whose administration had also allowed the lofts to degrade for years at the expense of the safety of the renters, is also in favour of the renovation projects, stipulating that it is part of a plan for developping a healthy “social mix” (ie. bringing in the yuppies).

The landlords, the politicians, and the cops work together to “clean” the neighbourhood and to chase out the undesirables, so that HoMa pleases the new residents. But we won`t let it be. Its time to show that Hochelaga doesn`t give a fuck about the “social mix”, which only benefits those with cash. If the landlord`s aren`t even capable of fixing up housing, well, we don`t need them anyways!

Towards the social strike.
Lets retake Hochelaga!

from Swamp Line 9

(Hamilton, ON) — This afternoon [august 14] Hamilton Police arrested 8 individuals at the Hamilton Court House, in the midst of the Swamp Line 9 Trespassing Hearing.
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from Montréal mediacoop

see video here
Camera: Aaron Lakoff and Otto Buxton

On August 11, 2013, around 100 migrants and their supporters descended on the Laval immigration detention centre just outside of Montreal, to denounce the Canadian government’s practice of locking up and deporting non-status people. The demonstration was held in conjunction with Prisoner Justice Day, which is marked every year on August 10 to commemorate the lives of those who struggle and die behind bars, and to reaffirm people’s commitment to abolishing jails. Some people came by bus, and others came on bike, and when they arrived, they were determined to make enough noise so that migrants inside the detention centre could hear their message.
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A new death has plunged the Mapuche nation into mourning this Tuesday, 6 August, with the confirmation of the murder of Rodrigo Elicer Melinao Licán, member of the community Rayen Mapu of Lof Lolokos in Ercilla, who was persecuted by the Chilean state and business interests in Wallmapu.
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Hero with a 1000 Faces

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Jul 122013

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A text was recently published called Neither Oblivion nor Ceremony: Against the Cult of the Carrion. I am sure I recognise the tone, the style, and I certainly suspect its origin, but I could be wrong, and for the purposes of discussion, which they hoped they’d spark, I write these lines. Some of the aforementioned text I have some empathy with: I too am sometimes frustrated by the winks and nods, the self- referentialism and the litany of names too numerous for me to remember that accompany actions and communiques. I am frustrated by it because I know how meaningless, how excluding it can be to readers outside certain circles. But I also suspect it arises from a particular meanness in myself, and a particular moment in my life where I feel alienated from nearly everything. And it is a peculiar meanness and miserliness, in Against the Cult of the Carrion that I cannot help but want to brush off, as if I had suddenly entered a dark and ugly attic and was covered in cobwebs, exoskeletons and dust. Every so often it seems, from the shadows that they say they love, come the squeaking wails of these protestant mice, preaching silence and greyness whilst crying out, Remember us! And so even though there were points that perhaps under different circumstances I would agree with, and think worthy of discussion, this latest exhortation from the authors is the dreariest and rudest of all, repels me and forces me to reconsider.
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Our comrade Dane Rossman is currently locked up at Toronto West Detention Centre in Ontario, Canada. Dane was extradited June 14th, after being held without bail since February 21st at the Central Arizona Detention Center in Florence, Arizona. Another comrade, Joel Bitar, is currently free on bail in New York, awaiting the start of his trial in Toronto. They are both facing heavy fines and prison time for their alleged participation in breaking windows during the 2010 G20 in Toronto. They are among five Americans that Canada has sought to extradite for such offenses, along with Kevin Chianella, Quinn McCormic, and Richard Dean Morano.
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