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On Saturday night and Tuesday night, one CN mainline & one CP mainline passing through the surrounding area of Westover were disrupted by attaching a length of copper wire to the rails, signally traffic to stop. This was inspired by the occupation of a Enbridge pumping station in Westover.

We choose to disrupt freight traffic after hearing of the occupation, and wanted to show our complicity with their struggle. The occupation was served an injunction on Tuesday, and we hope our actions let those occupiers know they are not alone. today they were arrested and removed.

Our actions are linked by their anti-capitalist nature, and freight traffic is an easy target for our resistance.

-some anarchists

from Chile, Bolivia, and Walmapu

Absolution for the May 29 defendants! No highway through TIPNIS! Freedom for all prisoners!

On May 29, 2012, 13 people were arrested by police in La Paz, Bolivia. All of them were connected to anarchist participation in the defense of TIPNIS, an indigenous territory and national park. The 13 were accused of a series of arsons, bombings, and sabotage claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front (FAI-FRI). The actions, occurring from September 2011 to May 2012, targeted government buildings, banks, car companies, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and animal industries. Some of the attacks were claimed in solidarity with the struggle to defend TIPNIS, others in solidarity with comrades facing repression in Chile, others in support of animal liberation.
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In the spirit of March 15′s past, a cop car was set on fire on the evening of March 15th,
at the Poste 33 police station in Parc-Ex, Montreal. This action was taken to complement the 17th
annual demonstration against police (and their brutality) that took place earlier that day.

We also send a message of support to Marco Camenisch in his struggles from inside prison in Switzerland.

a summary of the events from February 25 to March 5

“social peace is behind us” banner in response to
the government repeating that “the social crisis is behind us”

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from anarchistnews

Overnight, another blow was struck against the ongoing social war against the poor in the city of Toronto. The presentation center of another new boutique loft development in the heart of downtown had it’s windows smashed and front, signage and designer display kitchen paintbombed as another small gesture of our rage. We again disappeared with no trace into the night, leaving only the falling shards and a few stunned onlookers in our wake. Hopefully these witnesses will leave with a sense that there is growing resistance to, and anger towards, the ongoing commodification of every available piece of land. Land, which, we believe, belongs to everyone, regardless of the societally imposed barriers of race, gender, ability, deemed economic worth, or any other construct used to divide and oppress within today’s patriarchal society.
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from 325

In the early hours of the morning we struck another small blow against the mechanisms of capital. The street level of one of the many new condo developments under construction in the city, containing building supplies as well as the architectural plans for the building, was smashed and then set ablaze as a small gesture of our rage. Our anger is directed both towards the continuing, and celebrated, gentrification within the city, and the ongoing imprisonment of anarchist comrades around the world.
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from Act For Freedom Now
translated from cette semaine by act for freedom now/sysiphus

Note: To understand what is happening, we must bear in mind the attack that occurred at Vilcún January 4, where two landowners (Werner Luchsinger Lemp and his wife Vivianne McKay) died during the burning of the mansion on their vast domain. See here the translation.

Leaflets remembering the assassination in early January 2008 of the Mapuche anarchist punk Matías Catrileo, were found on site. A Mapuche of the region, Ceferino Córdoba, was shot and wounded in the attack and is still in prison. Many other demonstrations and attacks, most of them anonymous, have also taken place as happens every year on that date.
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Jan 082013

from anarchistnews

Last night, we damaged the windows and signage at the Waste Management Corporation’s ‘community outreach’ storefront in Napanee, using glass etching solution and paint bombs.

Waste Management operated the Richmond Landfill north of Napanee, leaking through the bedrock and poisoning the Bay of Quinte watershed. Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is downstream from the dump and has been under a boiled water advisory for years. Now, despite widespread opposition, Waste Management is pushing hard to construct a new landfill, the “Beechwood Road Environmental Centre,” more than four times the size of the Richmond Landfill.

We took this small action as non-native anarchists inspired by the struggle for land and freedom by the Tyendinaga Mohawks specifically, and grassroots aspects of the Idle No More movement generally. Towards an increasingly militant and uncompromising struggle against colonization, capitalism and the Canadian state.

-some anarchists

from liberación total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

pics here

Hundreds of people gathered at 7pm in the center of Santiago, to march from the Alameda by Paseo Ahumada to Plaza de Armas. This as part of the fifth commemoration in memory of Matías Catrileo.
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Over 50 people gathered in Montreal to carry on the tradition of anti-prison noise demos at prisons on the new year. The demo assembled at the designated meeting place and took to the streets behind a banner reading “Pour un monde sans patrons, ni flics, ni prisons” (for a world without bosses, nor cops, nor prisons) with a heavy police escort trying in vain to control traffic. Some of the crowd distributed flyers explaining the action and detailing the recent legislative changes the government has designed to fill up the 22 new prisons they are building.
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version en français ici

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Print with a bleed:
Cover (10″x15.5″ size)
Contents (10″x15.5″ size)

light it up!
Texts, communiqués, and reportbacks primarily from Montreal…
moments of revolt that warm the heart…

“The moment where we take back our lives, where we free ourselves from morality, fear, and the identities imposed on us. It cannot be stopped by a negotiation table, nor a ballot box. It isn’t the beginning of a movement nor will it die with a movement: It is to be alive, free, and wild!”

This issue is for all those who have weathered repression this last year.
For all the strong hearts willing to put their freedom on the line.

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Nov 192012

from montreal mediacoop

Audio interview with Gord Hill (

we receive and transmit

Over several months of struggle, there have been more than 2000 arrests. Today, over 500 hundred people are facing criminal charges. It is in solidarity with our arrested comrades, as well as in response to the ongoing repression against our struggles, that about 150 people assembled for a demonstration at Carré St-Louis on Friday, October 26. The cops of the SPVM were also assembled facing the park, trying to create a climate of fear and panic with their presence. These pigs quickly declared the gathering illegal. Despite this, the demo took to the streets towards 7 pm. As it started to move, a speech was read explaining the reasons for the demo:
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from Montréal Counter-information

The month of June, 2012 marks two years since the G20 summit in Toronto and the courageous resistance shown to it. It also marks the sentencing of our comrade Charles Bicari to seven months behind bars for smashing the windows of two police cars, two stores and an ATM with a hammer. To mark the occasion, we spent a few evenings spreading anti-system and solidarity slogans with the G20 prisoners in the streets of Montreal.

Continued solidarity with the G20 prisoners!

No comrades left in the enemy’s prisons without a response!

Here are some pics
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Jun 172012

from anarchistnews

A major railroad was sabotaged during the evening of Wednesday June 13th, in a farming area near Farnham, Quebec, in response to the call by the CLASSE for a day of nation-wide actions against the Montreal Conference of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.
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