Jun 222014

Translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

On Monday June 16 the last hearing was held against Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, the three anarchists arrested Jan. 5 on charges of damages and attacks on public peace. For now, judicially we have to wait for the conclusions by lawyers and judges on the sentencing in the local trial which our compañerxs are facing. As for the federal trial, on Wednesday June 25 will be held the next hearing. While there are set times for the last two stages of the trial, we know that judges may delay the delivery of the sentencing. It’s important to continue to show our solidarity with the comrades kidnapped by the state.
Freedom for All!

translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

April 3 and 4 were the dates indicated as the start of the trial for Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, arrested on Jan. 5.
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translated from french by sabotagemedia

February 23, Santa Martha prison, Mexico DF

On the evening of January 5, I was arrested with my comrades Fallon and Carlos for allegedly attacking the office of the Federal Secretary of Communications and Transportation of Mexico, and also a Nissan dealership. Windows were broken and molotov cocktails were thrown inside the ministry, (according to what the evidence says) and inside the new cars of the dealership. Damages are evaluated to more than 70 000 pesos at the ministry and 100 000 pesos at Nissan.

Indeed, I’m an anarchist and live in Montreal, Canada. I was traveling in Mexico, and now my trip is being prolonged some time.
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from fuegoalascarceles
translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

Yesterday February 17, marked the end of the 40 days of arraigo* decreed by the Attorney General of the Republic against our compañerxs Carlos López, Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson.

During these forty days they tried to put together a case for Terrorism and Organized Crime against them, however, and despite intimidating and inquisitorial methods, they were unable to mount their case, so that at the end of the arraigo our compañerxs were released for lack of evidence. The Local Police of the Federal District has since detained them on charges of damages and attacks to public peace.

Amelie and Fallon are now in the women’s prison Reclusorio Femenil de Santa Martha and were visited by their lawyers, while Carlos called and said he is in Reclusorio Oriente, however it wont be until tomorrow that he can receive visitors.

Since the charges they are facing aren’t for major crimes, it is possible for them to reach bail, although we should remember that Mario González facing the same situation has had bail refused systematically, arguing that he is a danger for society.

Let’s continue solidarity with our sisters and brothers kidnapped by the State!

Freedom for Carlos, Amelie and Fallon!

Freedom for Mario, Salvador and Fernando!

Freedom for all!

Down with the prison walls!

*arbitrary preventive detention in the Mexican justice system

from CNA México
translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

edit 3/2/14: revised and corrected

A big hug to all comrades!

I was very pleased to learn of the gestures of support from outside towards us three anarchist prisoners. We remain firm and strong despite the silly accusations made against us, and intimidating comments (here, they tell us that we’ll spend much time in prison) wanting to break our identity. They aren’t successful, because we are strong and have conviction.
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We heard through the media that on the night of November 26 to 27, yuppie businesses in Hochelaga were once again attacked.

The restaurant Le Chasseur and the Le Valois, In Vivo and Bagatelle bistros windows were smashed and graffiti was painted.

Here is a leaflet left behind, taken from media and which we’ve translated from french:
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from CLAC
translated from french by sabotagemedia

Montreal, October 4, 2013 – Today at the Montreal courthouse, Guillaume Constantineau and Yuri Couture, two comrades from St. Jerome (near Montreal) pleaded guilty to three charges relating to their participation in the historical mobilizations against the G20 summit in Toronto, the 25, 26 and 27 June 2010. Both will serve six months of imprisonment, starting today, in a provincial jail in the Montreal area (Bordeaux).

Under an agreement reached at the end of plea negotiations between defendants and prosecutors in Toronto, the case of the two accused was transferred to Quebec, sentenced today in Montreal by judge Marc David, and will be served in Quebec. It is also agreed that no period of probation will be imposed following the imprisonment.

In addition, in exchange for a guilty plea on three counts (assault with a weapon on a police officer, possession of a weapon and mischief over $5000 ), the Crown agreed to drop all other charges filed against Yuri and Guillaume (four counts each).

to write to them (address may change):

Guillaume Constantineau
No. PAV078829-13, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7

Youri Couture
No. DRM510047-10, Aile GG2 DODO
Centre de détention Montréal – Bordeaux
800, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H3L 1K7

from Liberación Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Yesterday, June 28, in Santiago as in cities across the country, was held one of the many marches that have happened lately by students demanding free education in $hile.

The vast majority of demos that took place this year have not been allowed to pass through the Alameda, the capital’s main avenue. Rather they were directed to areas where there were few businesses and where police repression was easier.

During the demo, clashes with police lasted nearly four hours, during which were destroyed much of the road signs, TranSantiago bus stops and traffic signals. Banks and Claro telephone branches were attacked and two pharmacies were looted.
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translated from french by sabotagemedia

we receive and transmit

To write one’s experience is a means of expression. To put it outside of oneself, and be able to understand, to regain power. If I write what I experienced Friday in Victoriaville, it’s to put a distance from what I’ve felt since, to share it for deconstructing the media discourse and misinformation, so that ultimately these events, instead of dividing and defeating us, bring us collective power.

This account is intended as a revisiting of the events surrounding a demonstrator who’s head was severely injured. I was present in the case of Alexander, the moment he found himself on the ground, until he left in an ambulance.
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translated from french by sabotagemedia

we receive and transmit

On May 4th, 2012

Charest ran away to Victoriaville with his gang, the big Liberal “Family” as they like to call themselves, but they were quickly caught up with. Thousands of people from all over the province gathered in Victoriaville during the first day of the Quebec Liberal Party’s general council which was going to be held in Montreal, but had been moved at the last minute for fear of the uprising raging there.
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from Liberacion Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

from the press…

An arson attack against the construction of the Rucatayo hydroelectric project occurred during the early hours of Monday May 30th, by a group of ten encapuchadxs [hooded] some armed, 37 kilometers from Osorno through the international route 215.

Just after 4:00 am the group arsoned two container used as warehouses, a truck, and a small forklift type machine of the hydroelectric company, in the vicinity of the sector.

The encapuchadxs group fled in a company truck which was set on fire three kilometers from the plant. In addition, a backhoe that was used for the improvement works on Trehuac bridge was arsoned.

The security guards, who witnessed the attack, called the firefighters who were able to control the fire.

here for pics

translated from french by sabotagemedia

On Wednesday evening, April 25, thousands of people (up to 10,000 according to the cops) took the streets from Place Emilie-Gamelin. After one hour into the demonstration, the cops charged on Peel & St. Catherine, throwing shock grenades which broke the demonstration into several groups.
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Apr 292012

from Viva la Anarquía
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

We claim the arson of an ATM of National Bank of Bolivia, again in the area of Miraflores, in the early hours of Thursday 26th.

This bank belongs to one of the many institutions that finance the destruction of the earth, which we are part of.

We reject the government ideology and some anti-globalization NGO’s that the “environmental problem” is solved by building roads outside of “protected areas”, discarding toxic waste in accumulation pools and not in the rivers, alleging that minimum considerations would have less impact on the much advocated “Pachamama”.

We don’t give a shit about sustainable development, more so if this discourse is brandished by idiots disguised as guardians of the planet, while raping the earth with their mining projects in the east, in the salt mines of the Altiplano, drying and flooding thousands of square kilometers with their hydroelectric plants on the Brazil border.

Both sustainable development and green capitalism are an obvious attempt to strengthen power, showing itself concerned about the causes of certain moderate reformist groups. Thus, giving into some insignificant modifications in their projects of devastation, calming the minds of legalistic environmentalists and “citizens concerned for the future of their children”.

We do not believe the fairytale and have decided to position ourselves in direct confrontation, and not in half-measures, against all forms of domination, taking up arms against the overwhelming urbanization.
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prisoner update

from Act For Freedom Now

The State is still keeping seven NO TAV resistance fighters hostages in its jails:

Alessio Del Sordo – C.C. via Pianezza 300 – 10151 Turin – Italy
Maurizio Ferrari – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Marcelo Damian Jara Marin – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Niccolò Garufi – Carcere San Vittore Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milan – Italy
Giorgio Rossetto – C.R. – loc. Cascina Felicina via Regioni Bronda 19/b – 12037 Saluzzo (CN) – Italy
Luca Cientanni – C.C. corso Vercelli 165 – 10015 Ivrea (To) – Italy
Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez – C.C. – Via Beccaria, 13 – Loc. Spini di Gardolo – 38014 Gardolo – TN – Italy

Also Since Monday morning (26th March) Mambo has been moved to house arrest.

Luca Abbà’s letter from the hospital

Juan’s letter from prison

Alessio’s letter in response to a solidarity statement

translated from Non Fides by sabotagemedia

In Italy, Alessio is a comrade who has been charged after raids on 26 January, after clashes in Val Susa in summer 2011. Still imprisoned in “The Valletta” of Turin. The day after incarceration, two locations in Naples related to social centers (post-Disobbedienti) issued a statement of “solidarity and complicity” with him. After having heard of it inside, Alessio published later a letter in response…
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from País Mapuche
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Mapuche prisoner commits suicide

The month of march started on a sad note with the news that peñi Lorenzo Llevul Antimil committed suicide in prison on march 3rd. He was being accused by the State of being the author of forest fires in Conoco Chico de Chol-Chol sector on january 22nd.

Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community initiates land recuperation process

The Juan Ignacio Llanquileo Community of Rucañanko sector, lake Lleu-Lleu, declares:
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