With some of the only video from behind police lines, witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment. But the fierce response of the community in defense of the warriors was also captured on camera. We bring you the real story about what really went down on Highway 134, the story that the corporate media doesn’t want you to see.

Showdown at highway 134

Aug 052012

from SubMedia

A new episode of Its The End Of The World And We Know It And I Feel Fine

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1. Rodney King RIP
2. The Mighty Pigs
3. Mining for Resistance
4. Burning Barricades
5. Red Square Army
6. No lock for chilean cops
7. The Cleveland 4
8. Cascadia FBI Attack
9. Rap Al Despertar
10. School’s out for Autumn – CALL FOR CONVERGENCE!

On my way home from Barcelona, I made a pit stop in Toronto and Montreal to see friends and check out the anarchist scene out east. I was able to see some folks who recently got out of jail for G20 related charges and some who were about to go in. It’s been two years since the rebellions in TO but the legal process for some of the accused is not over, and some folks will be inside a government cage for over a year. These folks still need support so to lend a hand visit Community Solidarity Network and Guelph ABC.

When I got to Montreal I got to hear some amazing stories about what’s been happening this year. In case you haven’t heard a massive student strike has evolved into social revolt, with daily and nightly demonstrations happening for over 100 days. The first post secondary schools are about to start on August 13th, and well, things here are about to get red-hot. There’s a call for a convergence to coincide with the return to classes, so if you can come to Montreal in mid August, the motherfuckin resistance here would love to have you. I wish I could stay, but I have other fish to fry back west.

Last year I took part in a camp put on by the Unis’tot’en clan of the Wet’suet’en nation. The Unis’tot’en have been building this camp for over two years in anticipation of oil and gas pipelines going through their territory. They want to stop these pipelines. So this year I return to lend a hand, give a workshop and crank out a video update. You can watch last year’s video report here.
It’s good to be back fuckers. See you in the woods.

love and rage!


Battleground Montreal

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May 272012

From SubMedia

the latests sedition of Its The End Of The World And We Know It And I Feel Fine
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Push it!

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Apr 122012


This Week:
1. No Dick for Canucks
2. Margaret Thatcher is dead
3. Resistance in Quebec
4. Lakota tar sands blockade
5. The San Francisco Commune
6. Dark roast in Barcelona


This Week:
1. On May first call in sick
2. How to become a ninja
3. The biggest strike in history
4. Wheelchair resistance!
5. 100,000 student strike
6. A call to arms

Special musical guest: Ant Loc

This is a special report about the motherfuckin resistance down under. It was recently revealed that Australian uranium was used to fuel the Fukushima nuclear power plant. But the meltdown in Japan has not stopped the wholesale export of Australian uranium, including selling the mineral to countries like India that have not signed up to the non-proliferation treaty. Join us this week as we talk to Izzy Brown of Combat Wombat who’s organizing a festival to shut down the Olympic Dam uranium mine. And check out our report about the anti-nuclear resistance in Japan.

both videos now on sabotageTV


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Feb 172012


this week:

1. #stim4prez
2. The Egytian revolutions is not over
3. Brazil pigs attack the poor
4. Syrian resistance gets shelled
5. Shields up
6. Molotovs in Bahrain
7. Anonymous VS the pigs
8. Film the police
9. The original Occupy movement

also streaming on sabotageTV

Is this a revolution?

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Nov 102011

Occupy, Jesus and Ninjas; the newest episode of It’s The End of the World and We Know it and I Feel Fine you just can’t miss…

1. No cops allowed in Occupy Vancouver
2. W.T.F.W.J.D.
3. Ninjas?
4. Bahrain battles SUVs
5. Justice, Syria style
6. #Jan25
7. Is this a revolution?


desde $hile
depuis le $hili
from $hile


Dimanche 24 juillet 2011, deux agents immobiliers d’I@D France, Hafid Hafed et Medhi Ibanez, à la tête d’une équipe d’une quinzaine d’hommes essaient de déloger les habitants du 74 rue des Caillots à Montreuil, en Seine-Saint-Denis. Faites circuler le plus largement possible.

« Ce que nous refusons, c’est votre enfer »

Du jour au lendemain, sentir que notre petit monde s’écroule, et avec lui toutes nos habitudes. Et avec lui, encore, toute une vie passée qui se transforme en souvenir, où l’on se surprend à vouloir retrouver des photos dont l’on se fichait pas mal auparavant. Et avec lui, enfin, la peur d’être dispersés, la peur d’une nouvelle galère, la peur de devoir tout reprendre à zéro. Notre maison s’est faite attaquer, à plusieurs reprises. Devant la menace, nous avons dû évacuer nos affaires. Et nous nous sommes sentis trop en danger pour y retourner. À présent, des amis, des voisins, des connaissances nouvelles ou anciennes se préoccupent de la maison, la sécurisent. Les attaques peuvent recommencer : le soi-disant simple propriétaire veut à tout prix récupérer son bien.
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Jul 292011

STATELY DISSONANCE is a song concerning the troubles brought about by top down decision making and our growing sense of a world government.
This video is dedicated to the memory of Carlo Guiliani, Ian Tomlinson and the countless millions of other victims of state murder.
The newest single from J Stevens’ upcoming EP is a hard hitting, toe-tapping modernized gospel, driven by wild banjo picking and lyrical imagery. (Banjo by Wawa)
This song will be featured on the EP Climate Controlled set to be released August 25th, 2011
“…the town will be on lock down, when the heads of states go marching in…”

Jul 262011

en solidaridad con la lucha de lxs estudiantes en $hile

en solidarity with the student struggle in Chile

en solidarité avec la lutte étudiante au Chili




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Jul 202011

(en)10 years ago today the pigs murdered a young anarchist and poet, Carlo Giuliani in the streets of Genoa during a G8 summit. 10 years we have been without our comrade. 10 years during which they have kept monitoring us, hitting us, locking us up and killing us. 10 years of more lies, corruption and destruction of life. 10 more years of built-up rage, the same rage carried by Carlo, ready to explode…


(fr)Il y a 10 ans aujourd’hui, les porcs assassinaient un jeune anarchiste et poète, Carlo Giuliani dans les rue de Gênes pendant un sommet du G8. 10 ans sans notre camarade. 10 pendant lesquels ils ont continué de nous surveiller, frapper, enfermer et tuer. 10 ans de plus de mensonges, de corruption et de destruction de la vie. 10 ans de plus de rage accumulé, la même rage porté par Carlo, prête à exploser…


(es)Hace 10 años hoy, los puercos mataban a un joven anarquista y poeta, Carlo Giuliani en las calles de Génova, Italia durante una cumbre del G8. 10 años sin nuestro compañero. 10 años durante cuales siguieron vigilándonos, pegándonos, encerrándonos y matándonos. 10 años mas de mentiras, corrupción y destrucción de la vida. 10 años mas de rabia acumulada, la misma rabia que portaba Carlo, a punto de explotar…



Carlo Giuliani


Controversial hip-hop duo, Test Their Logik, released their newest music video; “No One is Illegal” today to commemorate so-called Canada Day.  The music video, directed and produced by film-maker Amy Miller of “Wide Open Exposure”, takes a strong stand against Canadian nationalism.  Demanding the abolition of all borders while calling attention to Canada’s current system of exploiting migrant labour for its own economic gain. The song’s lyrics unravel the root causes of immigration while pointing out the genocidal and colonial underpinnings of the Canadian state.
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Puck Shit Up!

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Jun 272011

Its The End Of The World And We Know It And I Feel Fine
the 100th sedition!

This Week:

1. 100 Seditions!
2. Riot in my Town
3. Nuck Block
4. Chilean Urban Eco-Defense
5. For the Lulz
6. Anti-G20 Comrades

In Peru while the mafias in power planned the announcement of the upcoming release of the former corrupt dictator Alberto Fujimori – jailed since 2007 for human rights abuses and embezzlement during his presidency and who was serving a sentence of 25 years imprisonment without possibility of release under Peruvian law – and paving the way with new deals between the parties for them to continue governing with impunity despite the charges against them; the Aymara people, continued its struggle for the defense of the land and their livelihoods of wich its water sources, accusing the Canadian mining company of Bear Creek mining Co. of causing their deterioration.
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